The realities of socialism should be taught in high schools by people who have lived under it and fled here

Right now, socialists who have never experienced the harsh realities of what socialism brings to humanity every time it is implemented are using American schools, including high schools, to preach socialist propaganda.  The propaganda never shows the reality of the failure and treats it as if the failures were never real socialism to begin with.

But there is no shortage of people in the United States who experienced the horrors of socialism firsthand.  They are the ones who escaped the promised paradises turned dystopian societies ruled by an elite few who never have to worry about starvation and shortages of anything.

These refugees who are already in the United States, real refugees from brutal governments, are a vast resource of information on the realities that come from implementing socialism.  They are the result of the truth that the promised propaganda never delivers anywhere.  These people know the truth and have suffered tremendously because of it.

The refugees come from all walks of life and experienced socialism throughout the world.  They are the evidence of the failure that always comes from implementing socialism.  These are the people who should be teaching socialism in every high school in the United States.  It should not be those who never experienced the brutality, but those who have.  Let American students hear the truth about socialism from those who actually lived under it.

Socialism should not be ignored as a subject.  Those who suffered have real stories about what they experienced that should be shared as a warning to those who call for it in America.  Let American students hear the truth, not the propaganda.

The ignored reality of socialism is that every time it is tried, brutal tyrants rise to power.  Real people are suffering every day under socialist governments.  Those ignored masses do matter, and every student should know what happens to help guard them against the false promises of propagandists.

Only those who have experienced the horrors of socialism are qualified to teach socialism.  They are the ones who experienced the nightmare, and they are the ones who can share that experience with students.

The socialist reality should not be hidden away.  Let them hear everything that people experienced under socialist regimes.  All the brutalities should be taught and talked about in the light of day.

Those who experienced the harsh realities can point to the failure of socialism as living examples of what happens in any given society that becomes socialist.  All American socialists have is propaganda, since there is not a single success to use as a guide.  Let the reality be taught to put propaganda into perspective.  If students never hear about the brutality that always comes from socialist governments, they will be more inclined to believe the lies.

There are those who would oppose bringing in real people who suffered under the realities of socialism.  These are the people who are delusional enough to believe they can make it work where all others have failed.  The last thing they want is to have students hear the truth.

Teachers go through colleges and universities where they hear little but socialist propaganda.  Modern colleges and universities do not teach knowledge and critical thinking.  They indoctrinate future socialists.  Most do not go through colleges and universities unscathed by the propaganda.

There are very few teachers who do not embrace socialism.  They have no problem passing along the propaganda cloaked as lessons that have nothing to do with the subjects they teach.

American socialists are delusional.  Anyone who believes he can make something work that has failed and brought human suffering every time must be delusional.  Those incapable of seeing the reality of socialism are the ones feeding propaganda to students every day.  Not all teachers, but most are socialist.

Those who suffered under socialism should serve as an anchor against the propaganda.  They should do more than just teach the lessons, but also write the textbooks for teaching the realities of socialism.  Textbooks are filled with propaganda and falsehoods.  Socialist textbooks should be based on the harsh realities American socialists never want anyone to hear.

The failures of socialism should be required courses because students need to know the truth about what happens.  Whenever it is tried, misery follows.

Public domain image via Max Pixel.

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