The police turn out in force to honor slain NYC officer Jason Rivera

A week ago, 22-year-old Jason Rivera and his partner, 27-year-old Wilbert Mora, responded to a domestic dispute in New York City.  Lashawn McNeil, a convicted felon with a long arrest record, shot them.  Rivera died on the scene; Mora died a few days later.

Rivera's funeral was held on Friday.  It was an emotionally overwhelming event with thousands of police officers lining 5th Avenue, hundreds of motorcycles escorting the coffin, and Rivera's young widow giving a eulogy for her husband of four months that was both moving and very angry.

A post really can't do justice to the power and majesty of the occasion, but I have assembled here a selection of videos and photographs, along with that part of Dominique Luzuriaga's heartbreaking eulogy for her husband of four months, during which she directly attacked Alvin Bragg, New York's new district attorney.  Before I get to those things, a few words...

Although Bragg's been in office less than four months, he wasn't the one who put McNeil on the streets, he is still legitimately responsible for what happened to those young officers.  The new D.A., who was elected thanks to generous funding from one of George Soros's organizations, instantly made himself the living embodiment of the breakdown of law in America when he announced a series of rules that prevent his office from prosecuting criminals for wrongdoing, no matter how extreme.  That's a green light for violence, and Ms. Luzuriaga fully understood that, as did the police officers who gave her a standing ovation during her eulogy.

As you view this footage and listen to Ms. Luzuriaga's words, you may come to believe, as I do, that we are watching the great Un-reset, as ordinary people push back against the scourge of leftism that came with COVID.  Leftism has brought us defunded police and a war on police, out-of-control crime, open borders, tyrannical vaccine mandates, soaring energy costs, dangerous inflation, and an administration that's champing at the bit to drag us into a war that does nothing for America but kill her sons and daughters and puts her at inordinate risk of a Russian attack on America's energy infrastructure.

Those police on the street in numbers greater than I've ever seen before for a police officer's funeral bespeak a rising anger among ordinary people — the ones who haven't been comfortably tucked away in their home offices for two years.  In the same way, those truckers in Canada represent the anger of ordinary people who have been made prisoners in their own country, are being pushed to take dangerous, leaky vaccines, and are realizing that those vaccines will lead to electronic passports that governments will use to impose the same tyrannical social credit system the despotic Chinese use against their own people.

And now, I don't think you need to hear any more from me:

May Officer Rivera and Officer Mora, whose funeral will be held this coming week, rest in peace.

Image: Police officers honor Officer Jason Rivera.  Twitter screen grab.

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