The latest lame Democrat excuse to prevent President Trump from running in 2024

Most modern-day Democrats have an agenda replete with inconsistencies, contradictions, and inconsequential babble.

Their primary issue is confronting climate change by ordering draconian life changes for citizens — while they travel in private jets and reside in homes that devour more energy than regular households.

They are fervent advocates of choice in matters of abortion and identity verification for voting.  But they abhor choice for vaccines and gun possession.  

They pledge to defund the police everywhere except in Washington, D.C., where they live and work.

They support the right to protest for BLM rioters but not for January 6 protesters.

They support minority rights unless the individual from the minority group is Republican.

They want to defend the Russia-Ukraine border but not the U.S.-Mexico border.

They whine about income inequality while their mandates and lockdowns are among the causes for this disparity.

Their utterances are peppered with words such as "equity," "diversity," "representation," "pluralism," and myriad modern H.R. jargon.  

These ideas may be lauded in the echo chambers of Washington, D.C., but they are contrary to the desires of regular people, who merely seek a better quality life for their loved ones in addition to freedom, peace, and safety. 

What have the Democrats done?

Their policies have caused record inflation and a shortage of essential goods.  Small businesses were shut down or suffered losses due to COVID-19 lockdowns.  People are rendered unemployed due to their vaccine mandates.  The Democrats support rioters and vandals but are against law enforcement.  When they lose, elections are rigged; when they win, the contest was free and fair.

The top Democrats are personally not affected by their policies.  They usually live in luxury in gated communities or have doormen at their apartments.

The past few years have been an eye-opener for people, and hence they are abandoning the Democrats.

Back in 2021, the overall political party preferences were similar to prior years, with slightly more U.S. adults identifying as Democrats or leaning Democrat (46%) than identified as Republicans or leaning Republican (43%).

However, a recent Gallup poll shows a dramatic shift over the course of 2021, from a nine-percentage-point Democrat advantage in the first quarter to a five-point Republican edge in the fourth quarter.  The Democrats hence know they are most likely going to lose the midterm elections. 

However, what the Democrats both fear and loathe is another Trump presidency in 2024 that would challenge the status quo of the Washington establishment.  President Trump has learned a great deal from his experience as president during his first term and is likely to be a force for change in 2024.  Hence, plans are being laid to prevent that eventuality from occurring.

Liberal propagandists such as The Atlantic, the New York Times, and Vox have already started calling the 2024 elections a steal and a coup.  They are even prescribing ways to "stop the steal" by preventing Trump from winning the GOP nomination.  They also want to "protect state election officials from political interference," conveniently forgetting that Mark Zuckerberg actually did that in 2020.

The Democrats already have a partisan House select committee investigating the January 6 protests at the Capitol.  This is a sequel to the Muller witch hunt; each and every member on the committee is viciously anti-Trump and has presumed guilt even before the "probe" began.  The goal is to prevent the president from contesting in 2024.  These are Stalinist tactics, which are being supported by the media and tolerated by the GOP in Washington.

A recent poll showed that most Americans think the committee is partisan.

They now have a new excuse.

At a political rally held in Texas on January 29, President Trump pledged to treat fairly and if necessary pardon people charged with criminal offenses in connection with the Jan. 6 protest, if he wins the presidency in 2024.

It caused shockwaves in Washington.

"Republicans" such as Senators Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins and Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire were deeply critical of President Trump's utterances.

Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy claimed he was astounded by the pardon pledge.  He called President Trump a "two-bit dictator."

CNN peddled paranoia by calling the rally a "chilling glimpse into the possible second term."

Even John Dean, who was jailed for bribing the Watergate burglars and obstruction of justice, was livid:

In the next few days, expect these noises to grow louder and synchronized with headlines such as "Bipartisan condemnation of President Trump's treasonous comments."

We are miles away from 2024, and President Trump hasn't even announced he is running. 

But that doesn't prevent the Democrats from talking about it.  They were desperately hunting for a topic other than Biden's catastrophes.

If President Trump runs and wins in 2024, it will be ethical to pardon January 6 protesters, who have been unfairly persecuted by the Democrats.  Those protesters were in Washington on President Trump's invitation; he, therefore, has a right to protect them from Democrats' persecution.  They were law-abiding citizens who were exercising their democratic right to protest.

What has the record been for previous Democrat presidents in the matter of pardons?

President Obama pardoned drug-peddlers, money-launderers, smugglers, counterfeiters, and frauds.  President Clinton's record is equally troubling.

Also, when it comes to protesters, it must be remembered that the Democrats had bailed out BLM rioters who looted shops, destroyed property, and indulged in violence.  Kamala Harris had even expressed support for the bail fund for rioters.

Beyond the blatant hypocrisy, this is proof that the Democrats have conceded defeat in the arena of ideas to improve the lives of the citizens.

Their internal polls probably show that regular people recall the peace, prosperity, and stability during the Trump presidency.

They realize they cannot win elections fairly.

Hence, they resort to either rigging or preventing a winning candidate such as President Trump from contesting.

These are the sort of occurrences in third-world autocratic nations and certainly not the world's largest democracy.

The first step toward stopping this sinister Democrat power-grab is to vote wisely in November.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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