The FBI refuses to deny any involvement in events on January 6

On Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz reminded people why they've appreciated his contributions to the conservative cause.  Jill Sanborn, the executive assistant director for the FBI's national security branch, appeared before the Senate to answer questions about the FBI's role in events on January 6.  Cruz grilled her with a series of questions to determine whether the FBI played a part in the events of the day, including questions about Ray Epps, a very visible presence on the day.  Sanborn, instead of giving a full-throated denial, refused to answer any questions, leaving the strong impression that the FBI was behind the whole thing.

The questions Ted Cruz asked are of pivotal importance.  Internet sleuths have examined whatever publicly available footage they could obtain of events in and around the Capitol on January 6.  Even without the 14,000 hours that the Capitol Police, under Nancy Pelosi's control, refuse to produce, the known footage has raised some serious questions.  The three most disturbing questions involve Ray Epps, the missing "restricted area" signs and fences, and the Scaffold Commander.

The Revolver explains these three issues and people at length in a must-read article, but here's the very short version:

(1) Ray Epps was seen on January 5 aggressively encouraging people to storm the Capitol and on January 6 doing so again, appearing to give the marching orders to a small cadre of people.  If anyone should have been arrested, it was Ray Epps.  Instead, Epps spent six months on the FBI's most-wanted list and then vanished.

(2) There's footage showing unknown men — never arrested — systematically removing the signs and fences that the Capitol Police had erected informing people that areas usually available to the public were now off-limits.  This meant that almost all the people who walked onto the newly "forbidden land" and even into the Capitol when Capitol police waved them in had no way of knowing that they were engaged in a criminal act.

(3) The Scaffold Commander had a megaphone; placed himself on a scaffold; and assertively, as if there were a plan, directed the crowd to enter the Capitol.  Again, those who followed his advice, in the absence of signs and fences, and with the police holding the doors open, had no way of knowing they had committed a crime.  The FBI, surprisingly, shows no interest in this man.

Image by Andrea Widburg.

No wonder that many people now believe that January 6, from start to finish, was an FBI-planned event intended to entrap Trump supporters.  This gave Democrats, their administrative state allies, and the media a narrative they could use to destroy both Trump and his supporters by libeling them as insurrectionists and hunting them down as domestic terrorists.  (Positing this as a plan explains how the entire leftist infrastructure immediately began hammering away at the word "insurrectionist," a key word from Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.)

It was with those concerns in mind that Cruz fired a series of questions at Sanborn as he attempted to learn the FBI's and Ray Epps's roles on January 6.

And to question after question, Sanborn's response was a variation of the same theme: she couldn't answer because doing so would reveal "sources and methods."  She might as well have stood up and screamed, "Of course, we were there!"  If the FBI hadn't been there, "no" would have been the safe and appropriate answer.  (As it happens, even the New York Times concedes that the FBI was there.)

After the hearing, the January 6 kangaroo, committee, decided to reinforce the feeling that there's a cover-up in place.  Through a spokesman, it announced that it had talked to Ray Epps, and everything was fine.  Epps assured the committee (and it's unclear if he was under oath) that he had no connection with the FBI.  Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along.

The committee's insouciance about a man caught on camera urging people to storm the Capitol is surprising, given that the FBI and the committee have been hunting down and imprisoning anyone who even got within spitting distance of the Capitol.  But good ol' Ray Epps, he's fine, just fine.

You don't have to be in Denmark to know something rotten is taking place in D.C.

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