The door is open at the border

The Biden administration's open border policy is alive and well.  The numbers are amazing for people who have followed this over the years.  I have never seen anything like this.  This is from the New York Post:

Biden breaks records every month, with apprehensions on track to reach a million in his first full year. You can see why they keep coming: The Border Patrol estimates that hundreds of thousands more pass through without interception, while the administration releases most of those it does catch, even quietly resettling migrants all across the country.

The only White House strategy here, in other words, is to try keeping the crisis out of the headlines while sending as few illegal crossers as possible home.

This is obscene, and it has nothing to do with immigration reform, DACA, or asylum.  We have legal ways to come to the U.S., and this is not how you legally cross the border.  How do I know?  I came to the U.S. with my parents, and we had to follow a process.  Our family left Cuba and then had to wait, at our expense, in Jamaica as our "papers" were being processed.

The Biden administration has benefited from national media coverage that does not tell Americans what's going on or keep track of these people as they fly to their destination.  Down in South Texas, the Biden administration has not been so lucky, as we see in the growing dissatisfaction with the border crisis.

To make matters worse, these people are coming into the country without vaccine requirements or isolation periods.  How many of these people have COVID and have infected others?  No one knows.

Will President Biden be impeached over this?  I don't know, but his administration is not enforcing the law to the loss of his fellow citizens.

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