The Democrats' January 6 observances were like a bad Academy Awards show

Yesterday, Democrats in D.C. and the mainstream media gave themselves over completely to a look back at January 2021 and the extraordinary horrors of a riot that lasted a few hours; involved people with no weapons; had no looting, fires, community destruction, or police deaths; and saw only one death (at police hands).  The whole event was like the Academy Awards.  Not the long-distant Academy Awards of beautiful people celebrating movies America loved, of course.  Instead, it was the modern Academy Awards, with hate-filled people ranting against Americans; making boring, stupid speeches; and getting interrupted by badly staged musical numbers.

When the Academy Awards began in 1927, it was a private dinner party for a small Hollywood crowd.  Eventually, because our entertainment infrastructure is now and always has been ultimately about self-promotion to sell its products, the brains in Hollywood figured out that Americans would like to watch stars dress up and get awards for the movies that Americans had enjoyed the previous year.  The system functioned very well for a long time, with families gathering to watch glamor, hear the emcee's jokes, and take in lively musical acts.

Slowly, though, as Hollywood went woke, the Awards became boring as the Academy celebrated preachy, anti-American movies that no Americans wanted to see.  And then Trump became president, and the Academy Awards developed into a Trump hate-fest.  The clothes got uglier, the people weirder and angrier, and the whole thing was a parody of Hollywood's once exuberant celebration of self.

One could say the zeitgeist of the modern Academy Awards culminated in today's January 6 observations.  It was all there: the angry people; the ugly clothes; the hatred for ordinary Americans; the boring, bizarre speeches; and the weird musical entertainment.

The Award for Most Ridiculous Speech went to Kamala Harris for comparing events on January 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11:

For context, the attack on Pearl Harbor killed 2,335 military personnel and 68 civilians, as well as partially destroying the Pacific Fleet.  It marked the immediate start of America's involvement in a world war that left another 407,000 Americans killed.

The attack on 9/11 killed 2,996 civilians.

The protest on January 6 resulted in a police officer killing one unarmed woman.

Only a person with an I.Q. lower than that of Robert De Niro — the one who made the timeless Tony Awards speech in 2017, twice stating "F--- Donald Trump" — would have the temerity to say what Kamala said.  And of course, after De Niro opened the floodgates, all the other Hollywood puppets spent four years obediently reading variations on the same script.

Harris also won the Award for Most Ill-Informed Speech when she said America is the "greatest and oldest democracy in the world."  America isn't a democracy; it's a constitutional republic.  The Founders were terrified of democracies and allowed direct elections only for House members.  She managed to ignore little countries such as Great Britain, Switzerland, Iceland, etc., all with older popular vote traditions.

The Best Acting Award went to Chuck Schumer.  A year after the event, he finally remembered that people had hurled anti-Semitic remarks at him and managed to repeat that lie with a straight face.  Twitter users responded appropriately:

At the Academy Awards, there's always a moment to honor the dead, which includes listing people no one has ever heard of.  In the House's version, Nancy honored several policemen, none of whom died on January 6:

Sicknick died of an unrelated stroke, Liebengood and Smith committed suicide, and a Farrakhan-loving Black Nationalist killed Billy Evans in April.  Democrats also mentioned two other police officers — Gunther Hashida and Kyle DeFreytag, who both committed suicide in July.  The suicides are tragic, but there's no reason to believe that the mêlée on January 6 alone triggered them, after a year of lockdowns; violent D.C. riots; and, for Hashida and DeFreytag, more lockdowns in 2021.

Ashli Babbitt went unmentioned.

Finally, as has been the case at the last few Academy Awards, a boring, pointless musical performance interrupted the affair.  Nancy Pelosi stopped the speeches to allow Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has supported violent FALN terrorists, to join via Zoom with the Hamilton cast to sing a song (very badly):

Apparently reading and writing about Alexander Hamilton taught Miranda nothing about liberty and the American system.  Miranda's a talented man with a shrunken moral compass.

Ridiculous though this Kabuki theater was, Glenn Greenwald rightly observes it is dangerous.  It obscures the disaster that is Democrat party governance.  It also continues the destruction of liberty in America, whether it's the January 6 gulag prisoners or the effort to destroy Donald Trump forever and silence the Republican Party.

Image: Lin-Manuel Miranda teaches Congress about coming together.  Twitter screen grab.

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