The Biden administration won't like a new list of 'Banished Words' put out for 2022

Lake Superior State University put together for its famous list of most-detested words and phrases of 2022, called its Banished Words List.

That's problematic for the Biden administration, because their minions in particular use these words and phrases all the time.

These pariah phrases often help Biden obfuscate facts with a veil of tenuous truthiness.

So let's examine them through the prism of liberal linguistic lunacy:

LSSU's number one term to banish is "Wait, what?"  Clearly, when assigned the unfortunate duty of deciphering decrepit Biden's mumbo jumbo, the phrase "Wait, what?" is inescapable, especially after his peculiar whispering episodes.

Most of Biden's pronouncements are poppycock that warrant this incredulous response.  For example, governors should run their COVID-19 responses; nevertheless (that being said), we'll impose a nationwide mask mandate upon you.  Wait, what?

A majority of voters feel that Biden is leading us down the wrong track.  Americans are usually enthusiastic and upbeat, known to be resolute and indefatigable problem-solvers, but under Biden's mismanagement, 7 in 10 now say 2021 was a bad year for the country.  Say what?  No wonder we're the fifth drunkest country, and that's something to worry about.

The number two term to banish is "No worries."  Unfortunately, just about everything Biden and the progressives propose is worrisome for the majority of Americans.  Banning this phrase will mean they can no longer proclaim that BBB will dampen inflation — no worries.  Inflation is persistently transitory, so worries are justified as wage gains lag price gains.  I need a drink.

The third term to banish is "At the end of the day."  Well, parliamentary process matters, and rules matter: "at the end of the day," the demented Dems can't ram through immigration "reform" as part of their social spending bill under contorted reconciliation devices.  If they further push BBB, even in segments, then at the end of the day they'll face the wrath of the majority of voters who oppose the socialist spending free-for-all as economically reckless.  At the end of the day — or when all is said and done — Senator Manchin's resistance might limit their political shellacking. 

Number four is "That being said."  One substitute might be "nevertheless," but this phrase captures the two-faced waffling we've come to expect from a W.H. communication cadre that is disconnected from reality.  Here's a generic example, "The prevaricating president believes this and that.  That being said, he's also for the other."

The fifth banned phrase according to LSSU is "Asking for a friend."  Well, plummeting polls reveal that Biden is losing political friends, but this phrase reflects the servile nature of the press corps as they mollycoddle senile Joe.  For example, a representative softball question might have this preamble: "Mr. President, I have a friend who complained about higher gas prices...should you turn the pipelines back on?"

Actually, unless one is riddled with wokism, is a socialist, or is an unvaccinated illegal alien, Joe is probably not your friend.  He sure wasn't very compassionate toward the Gold Star families following his Afghanistan debacle.  What a nasty piece of work he is.

Number six is "Circle back."  This is W.H. press secretary Jen Psaki's go-to refrain when pinned down by uncomfortable details.  That being said, she's circled back to mind-numbing talking points so often as to make us all dizzy when trying to unravel convoluted messages. 

Number seven is "Deep Dive."  This is one banned phrase the Biden team might approve.  Biden and his puppeteers behind the curtain can't even take a shallow dive into policy conundrums, preferring to simply overrule everything positive that President Trump did.  In fact, deep and Biden are oxymoronic — he can't even recite obvious parts of the Declaration of Independence.  There's no chance of confusing him for a deep-thinking policy wonk; indeed, he can barely read from a teleprompter.

Another banned phrase is "New Normal."  For the sake of our great Republic, nothing associated with Biden, his supervising squad of anti-American ogres, or feckless Fauci, should become the new normal.  Instead, they are just grotesque mutations to be put out of their misery as optimistic Americans ascend the broad, sunlit uplands in pursuit of enduring happiness and civic togetherness.  As reflected in polls, a majority of American voters prefer the old normal, which favors American virtues: individual responsibility, parental choice, free markets, entrepreneurship, national pride, and sovereignty.

Number nine is "You're on mute."  I cringe when listening to whispering Biden or screechy Pelosi, preferring to mute them and read the text.  Imagine if Biden's puppeteers couldn't put him on mute after a presentation.  President Eisenhower once quieted his press secretary by saying, "Don't worry, Jim; if that question comes up, I'll just confuse them."  Well, unless Biden is put on mute, he'd confuse us all on every question.  Uncle Joe is not avuncular; he belongs in a nursing home, not the White House.

Number ten is "Supply chain."  Huh, that's not really a phrase, but a real thing, but they'll favor this ban.  That being said, I'm sure Biden and Buttigieg, who muted himself by taking copious leave despite the urgency of supply bottlenecks, will continue to relay "no worries"; after all, per their liberal linguistic lunacy he saved Christmas.  Wait, what?

A phrase not banished is "Let's go Brandon."  That should continue to reverberate in the public square until November 5, 2024, when Biden will circle back to his bunker while desperately asking for a friend.  We got this, no worries: banish Biden, and put him on mute

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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