The beliefs of the COVID Cult

The Cult of COVID practices de facto human sacrifice.  The victims include the people who have been unfortunate enough to have poor outcomes from the disease, but whom doctors have refused to treat lest they be excommunicated from their guild for violating the doctrine that there is no treatment but vaccine.

And then there is the disease itself, the Cult's devil.  Since shortly after it appeared, those who had been paying attention could see it was a particularly bad flu at worst.  Blown out of all proportion with unique attribution methods (deaths from any cause if within 60 days of infection), questionable tests to determine who is "possessed" of the virus that were never intended to be used in that way, and the notion that those who contracted it had failed to do the virtuous thing in some way.  Yes, the often explicit suggestion is that someone getting sick got that way through some moral failing, like failure to strictly follow the observances and practices of the Cult.  Perhaps he attended a group gathering other than an officially sanctioned BLM demonstration.

I have not feared getting COVID for quite some time.  There is no reason for me to.  It is simply not dangerous to someone of my health profile, and effective therapeutics exist.

All the coercive measures we see today, including requiring "boosters" at this late date, when it is known that the drugs simply do not work reliably to prevent infection or prevent transmission, are clearly geared toward getting people to "accept" the drugs for their own sake.  Even Fauci has admitted that his call that vaccination should be required for domestic air travel is not because of any public health benefit related to air travel, but simply because doing so would coerce more people to get vaccinated.  All must submit.

I could continue to chronicle the ways in which our public health establishment, our government officials, and their acolytes throughout society have converted to this new religion.  But the bottom line is that these "vaccines" clearly represent false gods.  I could no more betray my God, my religion, by taking another COVID vaccine shot than I could by accepting Jesus, perhaps through the analogous act of Communion, or by saying the Shahada, or engaging in non-Jewish religious rites of any kind, regardless of whether or not the religion is monotheistic.  To force me to take these drugs under threat of any penalty, no matter how slight, even if only an "inconvenience," is to put oneself in the shoes of a modern-day Torquemada.  To threaten my job and livelihood and to mark my personal choice of religious confession as requiring me to be treated differently, not to be able to meet with clients, to have the status of a dhimmi under Islam, is hardly a neutral question.

Further, as a matter of principle, it is against my religion for me to do something harmful to my body.  I was created in God's image.  I cannot desecrate it.  This is why Jews are prohibited from getting a tattoo, or otherwise participating in ritual scarring.  Expressed in modern terms, I cannot take an experimental drug that may be more dangerous to me than the disease it is supposed to prevent or treat (it does neither).  Simple cost/benefit analysis (something also proscribed by the high priests of the COVID cult) compels me not to.

That fetal cells were used in the creation of these drugs is also a religious problem for me.  If it were the only problem, it would be enough. 

Then, quite apart from the fact that my religious beliefs, core to who I am as a person, prohibit me from taking these drugs, I have strong ethical problems with compulsory vaccination with an experimental drug.  Even were I to be an atheist, it would require me to assert my strong objections as a question of personal conscience.

Judah Rose is a pen name.

Graphic credit: Public domain image.

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