The #1 reason the UN has no credibility whatsoever

What do China, Cuba, and Russia have in common?  They sit on the U.N. Human Rights Council and violate human rights.  It is a travesty, as Virginia Kruta counts the Top 10:

10: Pakistan

9: Mauritania

8: Qatar

7: Somalia

6: Russia

5: Libya

4: Cuba

3: Eritrea

2: Venezuela

1: China

As Hillel Neuer points out, Cuba's credentials are just what you are looking for for a seat in a human rights group:

a 60-year totalitarian regime; bans free speech, association; blocks vital food & medical aid; infiltrates & subverts entire hemisphere; drug trafficking; sends doctors abroad as slave labor.

And then there is China, that beacon of democracy and human rights.  And Venezuela, another charmer when it comes to respecting its citizens.  And let's not forget some of the others on the list.

Sorry, but it's hard to take the U.N. seriously when you see something like this, especially the way women are treated in some of these countries.  Of course, apologists point out that countries are "rotated" so they can experience the U.N. way of discussion and debate.

They can rotate all they want, but keep U.S. money out of this travesty.

My late father used to say the U.N. building in New York would make a wonderful location for apartments and receptions.  My old man was right.  Get out of the U.N. and fast.

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Image: sanjitbakshi via Flickr.

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