So did Gallup scrap its annual 'most admired' poll because Trump kept winning it?

Sore losers don't like being sore losers, and for those who can't take it, the sorest will pick up their marbles and go home.

That brings us to Gallup, whose left-wing pollsters had a problem on their hands as of 2020: President Trump was winning their annual "most admired" poll, which they had conducted since 1946.

According to NewsBusters, they didn't do that poll this year:

NewsBusters pointed out a year ago that liberal news media lost interest in the annual poll after Donald Trump started edging out Barack Obama for first place, whereas the networks previously enjoyed using the survey to embarrassing Trump as sitting President failing to come in first place.

This year, a Google search conspicuously shows no sign that Gallup conducted such a poll for the past year, possibly because they couldn't stand that thought having to report what likely would have been Trump coming in first again this year — after the January 6 riot.

Rather than shrug it off as typical nostalgia for an earlier president, which was what Republicans were easily able to do when Barack Obama made the top of their list during Trump's presidency, they decided to not do one at all.

NewsBusters' take is speculative, of course.  It could be that Gallup had no willing buyers in the mainstream media for the results of its polls.  The media watchdog did note that the corporate media reported the matter minimally in 2020 when Trump came out on top.

But the fact that the poll apparently wasn't conducted at all rather signals that someone didn't want the public reading this poll — and Gallup never did it. 

Was it fear that Trump's rising popularity might get out and serve to boost his poll numbers?

Was it sheer spite or marching orders from Team Obama or Team Biden, anxious to ensure that the public didn't get wind of Trump's popularity?  It would make sense, given the "Let's Go, Brandon!" mood of the country.  Biden and his incompetent sidekick both sport public approval ratings in the high 20s.  As voters recall that Trump brought prosperity, they also have right in front of them the ugly reality that the Bidenites have brought us inflation, Afghanistan, border surges, COVID lockdowns, vax mandates, and violent crime.

It seems impossible that anyone but Trump would have come out on top of that poll.

But they didn't want to do it, and they've been doing this poll since 1946, every year except for 1976, as Newsbusters notes.  It's stupid stuff because everyone knows that Trump is popular with voters these days.  What they are therefore doing in this bad-idea measure is destroying their own brand — for its record of reliability and its record of supposedly reporting results without fear or favor.  Good pollsters, such as TIPP (often featured on Issues & Insights and RealClearPolitics), never do that.  Results are results, and they don't manipulate results.  If TIPP's polling comes up with a polling result that annoys Republican, it will still report those results, which may sting at the time but ultimately be valuable.

Gallup, assuming it halted its poll on fears it would not like what it found, in contrast, seems to be in the business of serving as court lackeys, hiding the results so the Democrat elites on top won't be upset about them and the public won't be influenced by them.

That's censorship, and yet another reason the public is increasingly distrustful of the media and its adjuncts, such as pollsters.  I&I/TIPP found that particular result among voters in its latest poll and put it out today.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of Pixabay, Pixabay License images.

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