Schadenfreude overload on virtue-signaling former mayor of San Luis Obispo who stepped down 'to fight climate change'

Few things delight me more than watching climate cultists with Big Plans to change the way we live running headlong into reality and discovering that their ideas just don't work.  When those people are elected officials (or former ones) or when they hold leadership positions in NGOs, the schadenfreude meter redlines.

The story of Heidi Harmon, who stepped down from being mayor of San Luis Obispo, California last August to battle climate change, is one to savor.  For those unfamiliar with it, San Luis Obispo is a lovely coastal community of just under 50,000 people, founded as a Spanish mission town before the American Revolution, located roughly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  It is home to California Polytechnic State University ("Cal Poly"), a well regarded state university campus of about 22,000 students that accepts roughly one in four applicants.

Heidi looks pretty much like what you would expect:

YouTube screen grab.

One would think that the mayor of such an academically and technologically sophisticated city would pick up elementary knowledge of batteries.  But according to Karen Velie of (hat tip: Eric Warrall of wattsupwiththat), evidently, she knows nothing about the batteries of electric cars, for which she is a passionate advocate:

Former San Luis Obispo mayor and climate change activist Heidi Harmon attempted to "do the right thing," and travel to a rally in San Francisco in an electric car. After multiple attempts to find a working charging station in San Jose, Harmon realized charging the car would take up to seven hours and there was no way she could make the rally.

Harmon posted multiple videos about her difficulties in traveling in an all-electric vehicle. She discusses calling the police or asking someone to send a helicopter to rescue her.

Many of the posts have now been deleted.

Here is a collection of some of the videos she posted.  It is two minutes' worth of air-headed frustration with the reality of her starry-eyed ideals:

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