Punishing a Dem who criticizes border chaos?

Another suspicious FBI raid, this time against a moderate Democratic Congressman who has been critical of the President. 

FBI raid at U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar's home related to Azerbaijan probe, source tells CBS News 

This week, Congressman Cuellar’s home was searched by an FBI team which was seen removing documents and a computer from his home in Texas, reports KEN, a station in Houston. Little information about the raid is known, though KEN indicates it is related to corruption in Azerbaijan. Cuellar’s connection to Azerbaijan seems thin.

As KEN reports, he received a relatively small -- $3500 -- contribution from a man who in 2013 was charged with illegally funneling money from an oil company in Azerbaijan to fund Congressional trips there. Cuellar was not on that trip. Months later, with the ethics committee’s approval, he did travel with that donor to Azerbaijan.

A former U.S. Attorney in the area suggests the raid could not have occurred without approval of Attorney General Garland.

What makes this particularly fishy is that it took place weeks before the primary election, a period when the FBI normally limits overt investigative activity. What makes it even more fishy --besides the fact that there doesn’t appear any conduct by Cuellar warranting personal involvement in wrong doing -- is that he has been critical of President Biden (see video below) and he's running against a woman whom he narrowly beat the last time and who is far more to the left than he is -- Jessica Cisneros.

If my suspicions are warranted, the  FBI and Department of Justice are firing a warning shot at any Democrat in Congress who steps out of line.


Photo credit: YouTube screengrab (cropped)

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