'President Fauci' is not a stretch

"I've seen more of Dr. Fauci than I have my wife," said Joe Biden as he announced his winter plan for the pandemic.  "We kid each other.  But — hey look, who's president?  Fauci."  That may sound like an unscripted quip, but for Biden, it's not a stretch. 

Biden earned a B.A. in history and political science and a law degree from Syracuse University.  His academic record shows no medical or biology studies of any kind.  Biden's recent pronouncement that "this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated" is straight from Dr. Fauci.  The chief White House medical adviser can boast advantages that Biden lacks. 

Anthony Fauci earned a medical degree in 1966 and in 1968 hired on with the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Fauci's bio shows no advanced degrees in molecular biology or biochemistry, but in 1984, he became director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a division of the NIH. 

In 1985, Fauci married Christine Grady, a nurse who later earned a Ph.D. in philosophy and bioethics from Georgetown.  Fauci headed up AIDS policy, and in 1995, his wife authored The Search for an AIDS Vaccine, which dealt with research on "human subjects," clinical drug trials, and such. 

Christine Grady, who is not a medical doctor, is now director of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health and heads the NIH section on human subjects research.  As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has noted in The Real Anthony Fauci, Grady's husband has authorized gruesome experiments on human subjects, including foster children. 

If Christine Grady had ethical objections, nothing has emerged in public.  By all indications, whatever her husband wants to do, his dutiful wife will sign off on it.  That colossal conflict of interest raises an issue. 

It is as though President Richard Nixon's wife Pat headed the Federal Election Commission and told her husband the Watergate operation was perfectly fine.  In similar style, if Ronald Reagan's wife Nancy had held a key post in the Department of Justice, the Iran Contra operation would doubtless have posed no ethical issues. 

House speaker Nancy Pelosi cannot shut down the U.S. economy, but Fauci came close with his destructive lockdowns.  No public word from Christine Grady on the ethics involved in locking down American workers.

When the scientists of the Great Barrington Declaration showed the lockdowns to be harmful, particularly to children, Fauci and NIH boss Francis Collins conducted a vicious smear campaign against them.  No word from Christine Grady on the ethics of that campaign. 

According to the NIH Office of Science Policy, gain-of-function research can enhance the "pathogenicity or transmissibility of potential pandemic pathogens," which raises "biosafety and biosecurity concerns."  If Christine Grady has ethical concerns about this dangerous research, the NIH bioethics boss has kept them to herself.

Fauci and Director Collins both lied about funding gain-of-function research at Wuhan Institute of Virology, controlled by a communist dictatorship and not accountable to American taxpayers.  If Fauci's wife has issued a statement on the ethics of that deception, it is proving hard to find. 

Despite his many reversals, Fauci now claims, "I represent science."  That smacks of megalomania, but Fauci continues as NIAID director and chief adviser to Joe Biden, who first ran for president in 1988, but plagiarism of British politician Neil Kinnock derailed the campaign. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, 81, wields executive-level power, to the point that Biden calls him the real president, yet in a career of more than fifty years Dr. Fauci never once had to face a vote of the people.  White coat supremacy is no basis for a system of government, and Dr. Anthony Fauci is the face of white coat supremacy in America. 

Lloyd Billingsley is a policy fellow at the Independent Institute in Oakland, Calif.

Image: NIAID.

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