Pittsburgh bridge's 2016 infrastructure funding reportedly diverted to bike lanes and green energy programs

Joe Biden and his Democrat allies wasted no time trying to make political hay out of a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, a city Biden had just arrived in to discuss his infrastructure bill:

The collapse happened just hours before President Biden traveled to the area to speak at a previously scheduled event about the $1 trillion infrastructure bill he signed into law last year.

"We have been so far behind on infrastructure for so many years it's just mind-boggling," Mr. Biden told a group of elected officials and first responders during a visit to the collapse site. "...We used to be number one in the world."

Earlier, Mayor Ed Gainey told reporters the collapse highlights the need for the federal funding.

"With him coming today to talk about this infrastructure bill, to discuss why this funding is so important, today is significant," the mayor told reporters.

One problem: The bridge has already been to that infrastructure well earlier.

Here's a rather amazing tweet thread from a Pittsburgh local:

Instead of repairing the bridge with what likely would have been the Obama-era shovel-ready 2009 infrastructure funds for "roads and bridges," known as the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act," the cash went to bike lanes and green boondoggles, and too bad about the actual structure that was decaying and deteriorating. Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg loves those bike lanes. Bridges that stay up? That is for someone else to take care of. And of course, no one did. For local leftwing politicians and federal cash shovelers, it was too attractive to build bike lanes and dedicated lanes, the better for Democrats to show off to all their little lefty friends.

Virtually every infrastructure bill has been like this. The Americans for Prosperity website has a history of these continuous infrastructure bills, all of which left a lot of decaying infrastructure and a lot of greenie gee-whiz idiocies:

  • In 1998, President Clinton and Congress worked together on a $217 billion transportation bill.
  • Who can forget President George W. Bush’s 2005 bill that included funding for the infamous Bridge to Nowhere.
  • President Obama’s 2009 “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” had an $831 billion price tag.
  • The Trump Administration proposed or endorsed several costly infrastructure plans between 2015-2020.
  • If President Biden’s recent proposal gives you déjà vu, you’re not alone. His promises sound familiar to us, too.

We know that in California, legislators and executives enjoy lying about spending for infrastructure investment, too. Remember when they hoodwinked voters into approving a gas tax for infrastructure in 2019? Yep, same story, they didnt bother with infrastructure such as roads and bridges. They set up greenie playthings instead and wasted the cash even as gas prices skyrocketed with all those added state taxes.

Now Biden is touting his 'infrastructure' spending, while Democrats have previously tried to sell us on the idea of daycare as infrastructure, education as infrastructure, and bike lanes as infrastructure. The only thing we can be sure of around such a bill as Biden's trillion dollar now-passed infrastructure bill, as well as his presumably dead "Build Back Better" bill that he still wants to get through, is that the cash won't go toward infrastructure that matters. It will go to Democrat pet projects and wasteful boondoggles.

Voters have seen this show before, so one hopes that the Pittsburgh people Biden was addressing and everyone else give it the back of their hands.

Image: Screen shot from CBS video, via YouTube


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