One more awkward hypocrisy emerges about incident where a police-defunding and 'bail reform' advocate Illinois state senator was carjacked

A powerful Illinois state senator called her husband a "hero" for defending her with a concealed carry firearm during a carjacking.  Too bad for her that she voted against allowing private citizens to carry them.

The expression "mugged by reality" has already been applied to Illinois state senator Kimberly Lightford, a powerhouse member of the upper chamber in Springfield as majority leader and chair of the black caucus.  Senator Lightford and her husband were carjacked on the evening of December 21 last year.  At the time, many conservatives noted that she was an advocate not only of defunding the police, but also of "bail reform" — meaning letting the accused (even those with long records of offenses) out on low or no bail while awaiting trial for their latest arrests.

Monica Showalter wrote at the time:

It's pretty amazing when leftists have to live with the results of their own decisions. (snip)

Lightford, an Illinois state senator who sponsored police defunding in an official capacity in Chicago.

In 2020, Lightford proposed slashing Chicago PD's budget by $80 million but ultimately settled for $59 million. However, things appear to have dramatically changed in just a few short days.

She got the sharp end of that legislative act up close this week.  In her case, the criminals were unusually violent, firing guns as they stole her car from her and threw her into the street. 

Early last year, Senator Lightford voted along with a majority of the state senate to eliminate cash bond.

All of that was irony enough, but it turns out one more little detail didn't get any mention in the initial police report of the carjacking that took place in suburban Broadview, Illinois:


Chicago City Wire reports:

New details have emerged from Sen. Kimberly Lightford's (D-Maywood) Dec. 21 carjacking revealing her husband fired a gun at carjackers despite his wife's prior opposition to concealed carry.

Lightford's husband, Eric McKinnie, was carrying a concealed weapon at the time and fired on the carjackers, she told WGN-TV.

The detail was previously left out of the Broadview Police press release describing the incident.

"I think they were shooting at my husband and me, and lucky enough my husband is conceal and carry, and he was able to protect us. He handled us, and he saved us. I call my husband my hero today," Lightford, who is Illinois Senate Majority Leader, told WBBM News.

Lightford's comments are notable given her previous opposition to concealed carry legislation. (snip)

In 2013 Lightford was one of 17 senators who voted against the sate's concealed carry law, the very law McKinnie used to protect the couple.

"I just don't feel that this bill has gone far enough to protect us," Lightford said of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act at the time.  

In comments over the Christmas holiday, Lightford described to WGN-TV how she begged the carjackers for her life before her husband shot at them.

"I begged them not to shoot us, and I begged them not to shoot my husband, not to shoot me. I told them to take whatever they want. They took everything off me that I had of value, and I offered the car, and my husband slid them the keys," she said.

She said after she and her husband were separated by the carjackers he yelled at her to run and began firing on them.

"I ran reluctantly, because I didn't want to leave him there. And it was a scary run, because now shots are being fired. I thought for sure they were going to shoot me down. So it was difficult," Lightford told WBBM.

Her husband was a "hero" and she was "lucky" because she was outvoted in attempting to stop Illinois citizens from carrying concealed weapons.

Senator Lightford is probably too powerful and too proud ever to admit that she was wrong.  But if she did so and changed her political positions, she would be helping her constituents stay safe.

Image: ABC 7 Chicago via YouTube.

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