Note to restaurants: About having to 'show our papers' to enter your establishment...

California, like New York, is being systematically destroyed by its capricious governor, Gavin Newsom, who seems to be thoroughly enjoying his current tyranny over the state's population.

Like NY, CA has been among the most COVID-restricted states.  Kids must wear masks in school, which is soul-crushing and dangerous.  Everyone must be vaxxed and, according to Newsom's decrees, must show proof of being fully vaccinated to enter his favorite restaurants, bars, schools, or stores. 

The thing, though, is that restaurants are wise.  Practically none of them is bothering to invade its patrons' privacy by demanding to see such proof.  As for those that do ask to see their customers' proof of vaccination?  Americans do not take kindly to such Hitleresque tactics.  Even if vaxxed, those customers will probably not return to that establishment.  While millions of people have succumbed to the government- and media-generated fear of COVID, millions more have not, and will not.

One way to protest is not to patronize any establishment that requires guests to "show their papers."

Law enforcement in Southern California is not enforcing this ridiculous mandate, either; the sheriff of Los Angeles has made clear he will not waste his officers' time on such nonsense.  Similarly, there is zero evidence that community police are enforcing it.  So the restaurants who are submitting to the absurdity of it all justifiably will lose business.  Mask mandates are laughable, not at all based on any science, and vaccine mandates are even more pointless.

Everyone should know by now that the vaccines not only are ineffective but that they also do more harm than good.  They are killing and maiming people.  Sonia Sotomayor's ignorance of the facts is inexcusable.  Hopefully, most Americans know better.  Don't patronize businesses that require proof of vaccination.  This is one way to fight back against the tyranny this administration is attempting to wield over us all.

There will always be those suffering from the government- and media-induced mass hysteria who anxiously await the opportunity to show proof that they are willing members of the herd, who without a moment's hesitation submitted to the vaccines and are damn proud of themselves for their abject cooperation.

Then there are the "Karens" who yell at anyone they come across who is not wearing a mask while walking their dog on the beach fifty yards from another human, or in line at the grocery store.  They are the self-appointed mask and vax police.  A little perceived power over others goes a long way for people who fear the maskless and so scream at them.  Are they really afraid that that maskless person across the street is going to infect them?  Not likely.  They just like being self-appointed enforcers; they're like the mob. 

We all know by now that the Newsoms, Pelosis, de Blasios, Cuomos, Pritzkers, Whitmers, AOCs, Swalwells, etc. — all of those swamp swells will continue to operate as though the mask and vax mandates do not apply to them because they don't.  Newsom's kids never missed a day of school, nor did he miss a fancy dinner at The French Laundry.  These folks party hard wherever and whenever they please and suffer no consequences aside from getting COVID.

These are not good people.  Like Biden, they thrive on the notion that they are superior beings, not beholden to the American people who elected them.  We are ordered to submit to their unscientific whims while they live their lives in the bubble of that swamp.  Do their dining habitats, or their drinking holes in D.C., ask to see proof of their vaccinations?  You can be certain they do not.  They want to stay in business.

It's very likely many of the denizens of D.C. are not vaxxed if they've been paying attention to the growing set of facts re: the damage done by the vaccines.  But they will never be asked to "show their papers."  They'll pat the maître d' on the shoulder and be happily seated at their favorite table because they are special.  So, restaurants, if you want to stay in business, no matter what state you do business in, do not ask your patrons to show their papers.  If you do, they won't be back.  Of that, you can be sure. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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