No, the American experiment is not over

Leftists like to talk about the "American experiment" as something of a failure.  The problem is that their premise is wrong.  America was not an experiment, just as Israel was never an experiment.  Our nation was much more than that from its inception.

America is a democratic republic designed for liberty and freedom for all, as they pursue happiness, freely practice their religion, and cannot and should be at the mercy of tyrannies.

King George represented the British elite and considered Americans to be lowly, who deserved nothing better than to be ruled over as worthless proletariat dust.

Are we not seeing a repeat of history today?

Leftists are trying to convince Americans that we are a democracy, which allows for the mob rule the Founders feared.  We are not a democracy!

Nevertheless, those in charge, who keep changing their spoken principles like chameleons, always push toward the nefarious goal of destroying liberty.  Currently, they are working hard to convert America into a wretched, unbalanced democracy, a kind of fake democracy that, once established, will ensure their power and rule forever.

As Turkey's strongman, Erdoğan, said, democracy is like a train.  You use it to reach your goal, and you stop.  For Democrats, the goal is an autocracy of domineering rule and control.

The exponential proliferation of today's massive move against freedom via the lab-engineered COVID virus should not surprise any of us who have been paying attention.  For decades, power leftists, from Woodrow Wilson to Franklin Roosevelt to Lyndon Baines Johnson to some more recent presidents, have sought a way to end liberty in America and enshrine their power.

In 2020, China stepped in to help get this done.

Image: Martin Luther King quotation, 1967.

China's government is evil.  Xi Jinping is like King Herod, proud of himself and thinking he is near to being a god.  He would do well to remember what happened to Herod.  History will repeat painfully.

It seems, looking back, as if we were sleeping in a fairytale world, thinking nothing could go wrong.  Now it's a wake-up time, even for conservatives who thought they were fighting the big fight.

In fact, what's happening now is the great war — not between right and left political parties, but between basic good and evil, truth and lies, and decency and perversion of a thousand kinds and so-called fake genders!  Because of the left's lies, it is a war between the holy and the profane.

I do not propose chaotic anarchy, but I do remember Solidarity and other powerful, peaceful movements against tyranny and dictatorships that were finally brought down before the will of people yearning for liberty.

When will come the time to say enough is enough?

Who will be the George Washingtons and Paul Reveres?

What is it going to take to sacrifice what must be to save and preserve the little bit left of our nation without having to debate the issue in our country's dying hour?

Who has the courage to face this head-on?

Solomon St. Lightstone worked in Soviet Bloc countries and was friends with and a student under Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

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