National Public Radio has gone off the woke deep end

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson turned his attention to National Public Radio or, as it's more commonly known, NPR.  For many decades, it was a reliable Democrat site in its orientation, although it kept up a vague pretense of being non-partisan.  All of that has changed now, with NPR having gone completely woke.  Moreover, as is common for all woke institutions, the younger generation of revolutionaries are turning on the progenitors.  The coming crack-up should be fun.

I spent much of the 1980s and 1990s listening to NPR.  That's what informed people in my social and professional circles did.  It presented tidy seven- to fifteen-minute segments that stated a newsworthy principle, interviewed reliable (Democrat-leaning) sources, and wrapped up the whole thing with a conclusion that politely supported Democrat policies.  It was only in the second half of the 1990s that I realized that NPR was consistently lying about Israel.  That led me to suspect the rest of the content and saw me eventually switch from being a mindless Democrat to a much more thoughtful and informed conservative.

I probably last listened to NPR in the very early 2000s before I turned it off forever.  By then, I'd discovered conservative radio and learned that conservatives, rather than listening to neat little segments with foreordained outcomes, got the benefit of three hours of Rush Limbaugh developing an idea or Dennis Prager politely forcing a leftist to clarify his thinking.  I was no longer a passive recipient of information.  Instead, I felt I was part of the process and that I was learning and thinking a great deal more about it.

It turns out that, in the two decades since I left behind a stodgy, left-leaning media outlet, that same outfit has turned into a flaming hot mess of leftism that wouldn't be out of place on any college campus.  And indeed, Andee Tagle ("she/her"), the NPR reporter featured in the clip that Tucker uses, only recently graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in communications and an M.A. in journalism.  In other words, everything she knows comes from academia.

Here's Tucker's NPR segment:

If you go to NPR, especially its Code Sw!tch tab, you'll see that there's nothing unique about Tagle's racial and sex extremism.  Revolutions always eat their own, and it appears that NPR is in the process of doing just that.  That's such a good thing, I'm not even going to begrudge the taxpayer dollars flowing to NPR this year.

Image: Tucker tackles NPR.  Rumble screen grab.

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