Nancy Pelosi's son, Paul, seems to have an affinity for corrupt business people

Over 2,500 years ago, Aesop moralized, "A man is known by the company he keeps."  By that metric, although Nancy Pelosi's son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., has never been charged with a crime, I'm not sure I'd leave him in a room with my silverware.  I say that because I've just read the Daily Mail exclusive report noting that Paul has been involved in five companies probed by federal agencies for fraud and other serious financial crimes.

From the Daily Mail:

Nancy Pelosi's son was involved in five companies probed by federal agencies — but has never been charged himself, a investigation reveals.


While Paul Pelosi Jr.'s mother once pledged to lead 'the most honest, most open, most ethical Congress in history', her son has a staggering wake of criminal colleagues, fraudulent companies and federal investigations.

 Pelosi Jr.'s links to alleged lawbreakers include:

  • The 52-year-old joined the board of a biofuel company after it defrauded investors according to an SEC ruling, and whose CEO was convicted after bribing Georgia officials
  • Pelosi Jr. was president of an environmental investment firm that turned out to be a front for two convicted fraudsters
  • He joined a lithium mining company and received millions of shares, allegedly issued as part of a massive $164 million fraud
  • He was vice president of a company previously embroiled in an investigation of scam calls that targeted senior citizens
  • He has close business ties with a man accused by the Department of Justice of running a fake UN charity that stole investors' money
  • A medical company Pelosi Jr. worked for tested drugs on people without FDA authorization, according to an FDA investigation

The long article spells out the details of those corrupt businesses and businessmen.  And in a striking echo of Hunter Biden's career, the Daily Mail adds:

But sources close to the Democrat power broker's son — and even Pelosi Jr. himself — admit that some of his business dealings may have arisen from savvy entrepreneurs hiring him in an attempt to curry favor with his powerful family.

Image: Paul Pelosi, Jr., in 2014 (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

Moreover, like Hunter, Paul was unqualified for the lucrative jobs that came his way:

Though [he claimed to be] frugal, Pelosi Jr. certainly wasn't strapped for cash in February 2007, he had just landed a $180,000 job as Senior Vice President at data company InfoUSA, despite already holding a full-time position as a home loan officer at Countrywide Home Loans in San Mateo and having no experience in database marketing.

The company was run by major Democrat donor Vinod Gupta, who had been embroiled in a criminal investigation by the Iowa Attorney General's Office since 2004.

Investigators claimed that between 2001 and 2004 InfoUSA knowingly sold millions of consumers' data to fraudsters who used the information to scam the elderly, stripping some of their life savings.

In other words, Paul brought nothing to the table but his mother's connections and his father's staggering wealth (which was probably helped greatly by Nancy Pelosi feeling free to buy and sell stocks even though her political actions affected the market).

Too many people in our government are essentially American oligarchs.  They use politics not for their country's advancement, but for their own.  Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi both have enriched themselves and their families while leaving Americans in worse condition with every passing year.  I sincerely hope these morally bankrupt people aren't the political leaders America deserves because, if that's true, America has turned into a pathetic, utterly corrupt, third-world oligarchy.

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