More preliminary evidence that the vaccines have led to a spike in deaths

A recent shocking report in American Thinker suggests that life insurance payouts are considerably worse than executives expected.  Obvious question: Is it an aberration, or is it for real?  Alas, a cursory examination suggests that it may be for real.

The scan of the following insurance companies confirms the initial report.  For Prudential, they have had a massive 87% increase in death benefits paid comparing the third quarter of 2020 to the third quarter of 2021.  Such a detailed breakdown wasn't available for New York Life, but their 2021 year to date (1 Jan to 30 Sep) death benefit payout is up by 27%.  Examining Pacific Life documents identifies multiple units.  For Pacific Life, the year-to-date claims are up by only 12%.  But for a subsidiary, Pacific Life and Annuity, claims are up by over 80%.  This is an opportunistic search; more data may be forthcoming.

Life insurance companies have strong incentives to be accurate in their reporting to financial markets.  It is possible that these deaths represent neglected care, the postponed treatments of heart disease, cancer, and the like.  But that seems unlikely, given the spike in the third-quarter deaths.  And presumably COVID already took the most vulnerable in 2020 in the absence of a vaccine.  These massive claims seemed to be a phenomenon of the third quarter — about six months after the vaccine regimen became widely available.  This just offers further evidence that something is very wrong with these vaccines.

End the mandates.  End the vaccination program.  And let's start asking Pfizer what they knew and when.

Professor X is the pen name of a member of the faculty of a major state university who prefers anonymity for reasons you no doubt understand.

Photo credit: Governor Tom WolfCC BY 2.0 license.

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