Kazakhstan: Hey, Liz! Here's what a real Jan. 6 insurrection looks like

Congressional Democrats and their allies have been blowing a lot of hot air about the Jan. 6 "insurrection," a pathetic crowd-control failure brought on by Capitol Police incompetence, crossed wires among those charged with security, and quite likely some FBI pot-stirring through agents provocateurs.  It's bee ess.  The whole show is about discrediting President Trump to keep him from running for office in 2024, because, well, they know he won the 2020 election, and a lot of voters would like to get their votes' worth in 2024.  But that's precisely why they keep blowing the incident up into an "insurrection."

According to leftist Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who's been tipped to lead the Democrats once House speaker Nancy Pelosi leaves the scene, via PBS

It's a day like Pearl Harbor and like Bloody Sunday down in Selma, Alabama, and like September 11 that should live in infamy here in America and throughout the world.

And here's Trump-hating Rep. Liz Cheney, who channeled Hitler with this ultimatum:

"The Republican Party has to make a choice. We can either be loyal to our Constitution or loyal to Donald Trump, but we cannot be both," Cheney said.

There's also this one from the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is preparing to mark the first anniversary of the U.S. Capitol insurrection, gathering with lawmakers to remember the violent attack that has fundamentally changed the Congress and raised global concerns about the future of American democracy.

The ABC News tease says "solemnly."

The bloviations are billowing, with sobbing testimony planned from inconvenienced Congress members, likely some amazing fictions from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Congress planning to erect a "memorial" to the event on Capitol grounds.

Just one problem with this phony insurrection narrative sh-show: Kazakhstan.

The land of Borat is now in the midst of a real revolt and insurrection.  Vladimir Putin is dispatching Russian troops to that state now that violence is inundating the country.  The government has toppled, and the spectacle is getting on television screens.

Somehow, the Jan. 6 "insurrection" being touted by Democrats as the ne plus ultra looks kind of...puny in comparison.

Without getting into the truly momentous strategic implications of the whole thing, this is what a real insurrection looks like:

Minus-20 Celsius is -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here's the New York Times' thumbnail:

Saltanat Azirbek, a police spokeswoman in Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city, said that dozens of people had been killed by the authorities when they tried to storm government buildings, police headquarters and district police offices, the first widespread fatalities since the protests started. That announcement came after earlier reports in the local news media that the police had opened fire on demonstrators in the oil city of Atyrau, killing at least one person.

The police warned people living near main government buildings to stay at home.

The announcement of the military deployment came after a night of violent protests swept Kazakhstan's cities, including Almaty, where some protesters came with firearms and started looting shops and malls, according to video footage posted from the scene. They set government buildings on fire, including the city hall and the old office of the country's president. They also captured the airport.

The authorities reported that in addition to those who had been killed, about a thousand people had been injured and up to 400 had been hospitalized. At least eight members of the security forces have been killed in the clashes, the police reported on Wednesday.

Here's a headline and more from Fox News:

Kazakhstan president's home ablaze as protests escalate: report

Protesters in Kazakhstan's largest city stormed the presidential residence and the mayor's office on Wednesday and set both buildings on fire, according to new reports, as demonstrations sparked by a rise in fuel prices in the Central Asian nation escalated sharply.

Police fired on some protesters at the presidential palace before fleeing. They have clashed repeatedly with demonstrators in recent days, deploying water cannons in the freezing weather, tear gas and concussion grenades.

The government resigned in response to the unrest and the president vowed to take harsh measures to quell it. In possibly the first of those efforts, Kazakh news sites became inaccessible late in the day, and the global watchdog organization Netblocks said the country was experiencing a pervasive internet blackout.

This being a Muslim country, what's an insurrection without a beheading?

Some interesting strategic implications to look at later:

One other thing nobody mentioned: Kazakhstan's proximity and cultural affinities with Xinjiang on its huge southeast border.  Have the Chicoms said anything?  One suspects the old gray men of Beijing have got their eyeballs glued to the intelligence reports right about now.

The bottom line here is that Kazakhstan has kind of burst into the best laid plans of Liz Cheney's Jan. 6 congressional clown show to sell us on the idea of a monster "insurrection."  The biggest, the worst, the most dangerous, the most threatening...

Over in Kazakhstan, we got a toppled government.  We got a presidential palace on fire.  We got a burning parliament.  Bodies stacked in the morgues.  Cop cars on fire.  Blood in the street, dead people, beheadings, concussion grenades, a mayor's office on fire, armed protesters who shoot back, dead cops, armored personnel carriers, tanks, military trucks, a dictator's remaining minions fighting like cornered rats, and thousands of Russian troops being airlifted in.

Sound anything like what happened on Jan. 6?  The land of Borat has just thrown a spanner into the works for that best laid Democrat plan.

Now we have a scene like this (thanks, Thomas Lifson):


Image: Twitter screen shot.

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