Kamala Harris blunders her way through her latest TV interview

A day ago, Vice President Kamala Harris sat down for a wide-ranging one-on-one interview with NBC's Craig Melvin.

Melvin asked Harris about the Biden administration's lack of progress in the fight against COVID-19.  He inquired why they haven't updated guidelines on masks since public health officials acknowledge that cloth masks are not as effective as KN95 and N95 masks.

Harris was also asked about Biden's divisive rhetoric on the Voting Rights Bill during his speech in Atlanta and why the administration hasn't been able to convince moderate Democrats to vote for their bill.

She was asked about rumors of a potential change to the presidential ticket in 2024, with Liz Cheney as her replacement.

Firstly, it is nothing short of astounding that NBC news actually did a tough interview with a Democrat leader.  The interviewer was unsparing in both the content and the tone of his questions.  He asked hard follow-up questions and even displayed skepticism both explicitly and implicitly over Harris's responses.

There are two possible explanations for the nature of the interview.

The first is that the catastrophes of the Biden administration are so monumental that they are impossible to disguise.  Even Democrat voters are suffering, hence NBC had no option but to show some form of toughness in order to retain some form of credibility.

The second is that the Democrat leadership has had enough of blundering Kamala and is looking for a way to boot her out.  The function of the interview is meant to make it clear to the public that she is just not up to the job.

How did Kamala perform during the interview?

The only good news is that she didn't burst into a fit of titters at an inappropriate moment.

But apart from that, Harris was nothing to celebrate.

There was a complete lack of coherence in her answers.  She frequently rambled.  There were long pauses before she began her answers.  Her staccato speech pattern made her sound like a speech-to-text mobile application.

Beyond her words, her facial expressions and her body language lacked poise or confidence, which often happens when an interviewee is ill-prepared.  The least you expect from a leader is to project confidence and be optimistic.

She did a poor job for the Biden administration and even for herself.

She also seemed particularly out of her depth in her response to rumors of a potential change to the presidential ticket in 2024.  After a long pause, a hint of a giggle, and a slight stammer, she called it D.C. gossip and punditry and said she was focused on the job.  It wasn't the content of what she said, but her hesitant delivery that made it sound as if the rumors may be factual.

If that wasn't enough, Harris committed a blunder that Melvin later noted to his co-host on the Today show after the interview was broadcast.  Harris claimed that the Biden administration will send out 500 million at-home COVID-19 tests next week.  The White House then corrected her claim, stating that those tests will be sent out later this month.

This brings us back to the reason why Biden's handlers chose Kamala Harris.

Conventional thinking based on appearances is that Kamala is more energetic and smarter than Biden.  She is obviously much younger.  The fact that she has pigment under her skin is a bonus. 

Thus, in the minds of Washington pundits, she was the ideal candidate for president in waiting.  In their minds, it wasn't a question of if, but when Harris would replace Biden.

What added fuel to these rumors is Biden repeatedly referring to Kamala as "President Harris," even during his speech in Atlanta a few days ago.

While Biden's handlers who seem to be running the White House have made a dazzling display of the incompetence on every front, they were absolutely right in the choice of Kamala Harris.  Someone of great astuteness among Biden's well-wishers noticed Harris's ineptitude and her ability to talk a lot but say nothing.  The Biden well-wisher knew that once Harris was exposed to the people, her ineptness would become obvious to the public immediately.

They hence assigned her the task of managing the border, knowing she would fail.  She probably performed lower than their already very low expectations by first refusing to go to the border and struggling to explain her reluctance in an interview.

When she did go to Guatemala and Mexico, instead of working with those governments to stop the influx, she meandered about, finding the "root causes" of illegal immigration.  Even Peggy Noonan was baffled by Harris's quest for what is perfectly obvious: that illegal aliens are seeking a better quality of life in the U.S.

During her trip to Vietnam following Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, she struggled to answer basic questions, and her poorly timed giggles continued.  A BBC correspondent said she made America appear like an "incompetent, uncaring and unreliable" ally.

After that public disgrace, she was largely missing from the public eye; during that time, there were claims that her office environment was unhealthy, causing a staff exodus.

Her approval ratings fell, and she blamed it all on her sex and race.

One year since Biden took office, blundering Kamala is unknowingly doing exactly what Biden's well-wishers expected of her.  She is making Biden look unimpeachable.

In fact, Kamala has proved to be so inept on every front that she is even unfit to be a puppet president such as Biden.

Choosing Kamala, hence, is a brilliant but cynical political move by Biden's handlers.

There are those who claim that the contest of ineptitude between Biden and Harris has given the Democrat Establishment an ideal platform to implement their radical, unpopular agenda without much accountability.

Irrespective of the motives of the puppet masters, the fact that the Democrats hold majorities in both the Senate and the House at least 'til next January and hold the White House 'til at least January 2024 means a future full of uncertainty.

Thomas Lifson adds:

Could the Democrats and their media lackeys at NBC be thinking about replacing Kamala, and then getting rid of Biden via the 25th Amendment?  After all, they fear a disaster in 2022 and 2024.  Getting rid of both of them might help cushion that blow.

Who would replace Kamala and ultimately Biden?

Well, who has been making noises lately about running for president?  That's right: Hillary Clinton.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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