Joe Biden's most disgusting, dishonest speech

If you like dishonesty, and dollop after dollop of general disgustingness, Joe Biden had the speech for you.

Here he was for his big Jan. 6 moment in front of Congress, denouncing his predecessor, President Trump, defending voter fraud, demanding more of it, and calling it "democracy."  His speech was ultimately an argument for his own right to power, by fair means or foul.  Andrea Widburg has an excellent piece describing the Academy Awards quality of the whole wretched spectacle here.

(You'll need to listen to this afterward as sort of a mental shower, something to get the stink off.  Greg Gutfeld is in fine form.)

Here are a few Twitter snippets, because there was no getting away from the old dotard in this grand moment of his, grotesquely defending his "right" to power:

Several things stick out, and none of them is pleasant.

One, he clearly hired a political consultant to profile which words would upset President Trump most, because he wanted to stick the knife in himself.  "Failure," "didn't win," "lost," all spoken with shouting-level emphasis, figured prominently, just as any good political profiler might recommend.  Those words were chosen carefully.  Well, now we know what his real aim was in that speech: to annoy President Trump and insult his voters, not "defend democracy" as he tried to market to the public.  When have we ever had a president of this kind of crumminess?  File under "disgusting."

His claims about democracy being attacked and the will of the people being under assault and the Constitution being under attack were garbage, too.  We all know he doesn't care about democracy.  This is the vax mandate president; he's the thug who tells you what to do with your own body or no school and airline flights for you.  Illegals are exempt, and they don't need ID to ride airplanes, either.  Law?  He doesn't care about that — he repeatedly ignored judicial orders and does what he damn well pleases.  Constitution?  He and his want to get rid of the Constitution.  Will of the people?  He shouldn't go there — "Let's go, Brandon" and "I did that" are the will of the people, now that he's ensconced in office by fraud in a stolen election and his poll numbers are perfectly reflective of it.

"The promise of America alive"?  "The flame of democracy"?  Said the man in bed with wokesters, statue-topplers, Critical Race Theory commissars, and Chicom-compromised propagandists?  These creatures have never liked America.  Their aim is to get rid of America.  What they like is power, and what they want is our stuff, to expropriate for themselves, the better to create a new nomenklatura out of the carcass of American democracy.  Those phrases are clearly borrowed from Peggy Noonan from the Reagan era before she went NeverTrump on us.  As usual, Joe Biden plagiarizes, wearing Reaganist phrases like a skin suit.

"You can't love your country only when you win"?  That's a doozy.  Let's hear him mouth that phrase at the midterms come November 2022.  As for "win," well, he didn't win; he cheated.  State after state has enacted bona fide election reform laws after all of the sludge that has come out about ballot-harvesting, mass mail balloting, dead voters, zero ID voters, illegals voting, and other bona fide electoral abuses.  Arizona held hearings and found massive problems, many of which cannot be redressed because the evidence is gone or tainted.  Georgia right now has belatedly gotten around to investigating ballot-harvesting, which is illegal in the state, with one character coming out of the woodwork to say he earned $45,000 for all his hard work harvesting ballots.  American Thinker contributor Jay Valentine has done stellar research on nests of fraud that have been festering for years in many blue (and occasionally red) states.  The fraud in the recent New Jersey election certainly doesn't instill confidence that election stealing is gone.  Molly Hemingway has exposed the Mark Zuckerberg/social media manipulations and buck-slinging in her bestselling book called Rigged that's out now.

Elsewhere in his speech (I listened to the whole thing), he declared the 2020 election "full, free, and fair."  Yet he also used this speech to call for the Democrats' latest scheme to reform voting laws so that all states can run elections like California — zero voter ID, ballot-harvesting galore, full junk mail mass balloting, and zero cleanup of the voter rolls.  Hey, Joe: If things are so great, why the need for "reform"?  We all know what this "reform" is — institutional rigging on all states in a grotesque federal takeover of elections, to ensure the Democrat grip on power is as durable as the Castro oligarchy's in Cuba.  That's their role model, and that's why they admire the shambles of Cuba so much — they identify with the leader who can maintain his grip on power forever.  Thus the new rigging bills, which are baleful to all fair-minded Americans.  Joe knows he can't win elections without them.

At the end, he vows to "defend the nation" — revolting words from a man who refuses to defend America's border and who presented us with the biggest, most humiliating American defeat of all time in Afghanistan.  This is not a guy who defends us, our rule of law, our property, our prosperity, or actually anything, given his general lawlessness, senility, and dictatorial inclinations.

This is angry Joe Biden in all his ugliness, a bitter, small, failed president, who retains a rat's ambition to rise from his mouse-itude.  President Trump, in his reply to the dotard, called it right in that he said Joe Biden's speech was a distraction from his own failed presidency.  Biden's lies, plagiarisms, gaslights, and undisguised interest in maintaining his own personal power are operative here.  It's all Joe amounts to.  It's disgusting as hell.

Image: Screen shot from NBC News video via YouTube.

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