Joe Biden is yelling at Americans again

The senile old fool over at the White House, supposedly a man of moderation and experience, sure has a way of persuading voters. 

He made one colossal dog of a speech on Jan. 6, screaming about President Trump and his supporters.  He's since decided to encore himself, with a new round of yelling at the public.

According to the Newsweek transcript of the speech, which was the only one I could find, he began with this tripe, appropriating the cadences of the Declaration of Independence and President Lincoln's Second Inaugural address both of which were gravity-laden calls to war

In our lives and the lives of our nation — the life of our nation, there are moments so stark that they divide all that came before from everything that followed. They stop time. They rip away the trivial from the essential. And they force us to confront hard truths about ourselves, about our institutions, and about our democracy.

In the words of Scripture, they remind us to "hate evil, love good, and establish justice in the gate."

Last week, [Vice] President Harris and I stood in the United States Capitol to observe one of those "before and after" moments in American history: January 6th insurrection on the citadel of our democracy.

Today, we come to Atlanta — the cradle of civil rights — to make clear what must come after that dreadful day when a dagger was literally held at the throat of American democracy.

Any questions as to why this dotard's poll numbers are in the toilet?

His Jan. 6 speech shaved several points off his already low poll numbers, and you can bet that this phony call to war will take off even more.

See, he'd have you think democracy itself is under attack because the Senate isn't all in on his national junk-mail balloting, zero-ID, dirty voter rolls, national ballot-harvesting bill, complete with Democrat-drawn congressional districts, claiming that it was all about that hotbed of voter suppression, Georgia.

And today, we call on Congress to get done what history will judge: Pass the Freedom to Vote Act. (Applause.) Pass it now — (applause) — which would prevent voter suppression so that here in Georgia there's full access to voting by mail, there are enough drop boxes during enough hours so that you can bring food and water as well to people waiting in line.

He lied about the water again, which Georgia's vote integrity law does not prohibit at all except if it's used by activists to bribe voters.  He railed against voter integrity measures being passed by various states as "Jim Crow 2.0."  He browbeat the voters further with: "Do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?"  (He forgot that Lincoln was a Republican and Davis was a Democrat.)  Even the Wall Street Journal editorial page thought that was pretty "cringe."

He "went there" on the live issue of the fraud in his own election, something huge numbers of American voters are on to, and tried to use it to get support for his zero-ID vote reforms.

As he falsely railed about voter "suppression," he was absolutely oblivious to the fact that he "won" the state of Georgia in the 2020 election.  Based on Joe's speech, Georgia is a hotbed of voter suppression, yet somehow he won there.

But bringing up Georgia does call to mind that some big investigations are going on there over voter fraud, and the Georgia secretary of state is investigating them at long last.  An activist group called True the Vote brought out concrete evidence of ballot-harvesting, including a witness who said he was paid $10 per harvested vote for a tidy sum of $45,000 in the 2020 election.  Ballot-harvesting is illegal in Georgia, as it is in nearly every country in the world.  It's even illegal in Mexico now, the nation that pioneered the practice in decades past.  Somehow, he wants more ballot-harvesting.

Biden also praised unattended ballot drop boxes in Georgia, which certainly helped him win his "victory," and which are now being subject to state legislative controls.

Dropping your ballots off to secure drop boxes — it's safe, it's convenient, and you get more people to vote. So they're limiting the number of drop boxes and the hours you can use them.  

That's interesting stuff because, right now, Georgia voters know that their state is under investigation for its unattended ballot drop boxes and the mysterious way the continuous videotapes on them, intended to safeguard against someone stuffing the boxes with fraud ballots, somehow disappeared in some of Georgia's counties as the investigators came knocking.  Biden's claims to the integrity of the unattended drop boxes sound like his early claims on the efficacy of the COVID vaccine.

Biden also was big on arguing for mass mail-in ballots, so-called junk mail elections, from dirty voter rolls that no longer need to be maintained or inspected under his proposed election "reform."

For example, voting by mail is a safe and convenient way to get more people to vote, so they're making it harder for you to vote by mail.

No, it isn't.  The chain of custody is broken through this practice as the ballots pass from hand to hand in the postal service, many of whose facilities are zero-security, and many of whose employees are rabidly left-wing partisans.  That practice Biden advocates for is rightly banned in every country in Europe as an open door to fraud.  Suddenly, Joe doesn't want to be like the Europeans, but he didn't mention that.

The whole thing was a huge scold, with a sizable helping of racial grievance huckstering thrown in for good measure.  Biden sounded like a mean old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn, and it was a creepy sight, given that he made his raging speech unmasked as dozens of black kids in servile masks sat behind him.  Rules for me, and thee...

It was obnoxious.  It was offensive.  It certainly matched his bitter, grievance-laced speech from Jan. 6 if not exceeded it.  Vote for my national ballot-harvesting bill or be a Bull Connor racist which wasn't exactly subtle.

More to the point, it will persuade no one.  It's just yelling from a miserable creature who got into the White House by fraud and now seeks to rig elections so that Democrats will never lose power again.  That's what socialist dumps like Venezuela and Nicaragua do.

This clown can't be expelled from office soon enough, come November 2024.

Image: Screen shot from Washington Post video posted on YouTube.

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