Is the tide finally turning?

Yours truly has been pretty down in the mouth for quite a while, for good reasons.  I mean, look around.  Mask mandates.  Experimental drug mandates.  De facto quarantines.  Literal quarantines.  Destroyed small businesses.  Large businesses unable to fill their shelves.  Men pretending to be women.  Joe Biden in the White House.  Not a lot of happy-face material there. 

I'm getting a sense the tide may be turning.  It sure seems that the super-insulated bureaucratic Deep State is beginning to understand that it is not invincible.  Ironically, there may also be new hope politically if Democrats don't correct course and remain blind to how self-destructive their Trump obsession will be.

On the COVID front, suddenly we see a rash of what we used to call in the news business "skin-backs."  In plain English, that would be corrections.  In journalism and politics, that's particularly painful, so skin-back captures it pretty well.

I think the Covidians have already begun The Big Skin-Back.

So many lies for so long are becoming so obviously lies that they need to get ahead of the story.  Otherwise, their only option is to continue to defend the lies in the face of overwhelming mounting evidence of their duplicity and, after losing battle after battle, completely destroy their credibility, even with mainstream media.

First, they had to admit that fully vaccinated people have died from COVID.  Ouch.  They next admitted that the vax doesn't prevent catching or spreading COVID.  Then there was the inconvenient fact that the so-called pandemic of the unvaccinated actually was a pandemic of the vaccinated.  Double-ouch.  Then they admitted that all those 800,000-plus dead people didn't actually die from COVID.  They are now admitting that "distance learning" has greatly harmed children.  It's been obvious all along that the COVID policies have all but destroyed the economy, businesses, jobs, livelihoods, and standard of living.  And now my bride tells me there was no milk in the grocery store.  It's hard to keep stuff like that secret.

This, it's reasonable to believe, is just the beginning.  The CDC effectively validated what for two years has been regarded as a conspiracy theory when it acknowledged this week that 75% of people classified as COVID deaths actually didn't die because of COVID.  Rather, they tested positive for COVID but probably succumbed to one or more of four co-morbidities they also suffered from apart from the China virus.

Here's a prediction: if they continue this painful truth-telling to get on the right side of history, we're likely to find that far fewer than 25% died from COVID.  How many of those with merely one or two co-morbidities also were wrongly classified as COVID deaths?  How many of those COVID cases weren't really, but instead were among the hushed up 95% false-positive PCR tests?  Stay tuned.

I'm really looking forward to them coming clean on the vaccines.  It's not just that they are not effective, as they promised they would be.  They've already admitted that.  But can you imagine if they have to admit the vaccines carry deadly dangers of their own that have killed people?  Once that's out of the bag, watch the lawsuits pile up.

It took just two weeks to expose their first lie.  "Two weeks to flatten the curve" was just the first casualty, but it pointed the way.  I said from Day 1 that nothing these people say should be believed.  Guess what: they are in the process of proving me right.

They can't stop the collapse of the house of cards they built.

I eagerly await the next phase, when they start turning on each other.  Who in WHO will blame Fauci first?

In an election year, no less.

That brings us to the Democrats' over-the-top hatred for Donald Trump.  It's interesting that they aren't pulling back on that.  Consequently, more than anything else, it may guarantee their undoing.

If they are successful in barring Trump from office or denying him the Republican nomination, they will whoop and holler with glee — until they realize that by disqualifying Trump as their opposition candidate, they have ensured themselves a candidate much more difficult to beat.

Republicans, spineless and clueless as they are, are still savvy enough to read the polls.  They are likely to nominate someone who will campaign on Trumpish issues but without Trump's baggage.  If ever there were an equation that computes to a landslide rejection of Biden or any Democrat in this new era of record-low Democrat polling numbers, this promises to be the perfect storm.  Biden minus Trump plus everything everyone loved about Trump equals Republican triumph.  In spades.

Politics is full of unintended consequences. Bring 'em on.

Mark Landsbaum is a Christian retired journalist, former investigative reporter, editorial writer, and columnist.  He also is a husband, father, grandfather, and Dodgers fan.  He can be reached at

Image: torstensimon via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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