Informing the electorate in 2022

According to Fox news this weekend, a former Trump staffer named Steve Cortes tweeted a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sans mask in Florida having a drink with her boyfriend.  Cortes, not to be confused with Cortez, wrote: "1. If leftists like AOC actually thought mandates and masking worked, they wouldn't be frolicking in free FL, 2. Her guy is showing his gross pale male feet in public (not at a pool/beach) with hideous sandals.  0 for 2..."

Point 1 stands: Lil Sandy is a flaming ball of confusion and conceit that some low-I.Q. voters threw at us in a manner reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the East lobbing fire at Scarecrow.  Point 2 is just junior high stupid.  He should have written "nyaa nyaa" and called it a big day for himself.

How do I know all this useless garbage?  AOC responded to stupid point 2, and that is always more newsworthy than what pork may be stuffed into forthcoming multi-trillion-dollar legislation.

AOC snapped back, "If Republicans are mad they can't date me they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend's feet.  Ya creepy weirdos."

I'll admit that if Cortes wants to date Cortez, he should just say so, but somehow I doubt that is what he had in mind.  

But wait, there's more.  A journalist named Eve Barlow responded, "When we weaponise our sexuality to defend our personhood it's just as easy for our sexuality to immediately be weaponised against us to deny our personhood."

Now, there's a voice of reason and clarity, wouldn't you agree?

The only thought that could possibly be distilled from her statement is that Barlow can't spell "weaponized."  Perhaps her school of journalism was waiting for post-doctoral research on the matter.

Now you and I know all about pale male feet, desiring AOC, and the existential threat of weaponised personhood.  We just don't know what's in that big old bill they are gonna pass in a month or two.

Thanks to the media, we are an informed electorate personified. 

Image: NRKBeta.

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