In the New Year, I'll be advocating for fundamental civil liberties

My two big advocacy issues for 2022 will be sustaining support of self-defense and opposing mandates done throughout this year.  Both of those are integral for maintaining individual liberty and true security in America.

I've called self-defense the last civil right for years because it's the most basic, and potentially risky, exercise of autonomy.  Despite its being the most fundamental human right of all, a self-defender courts injury; death; and, for extra credit, criminal prosecution and civil liability.

I've had two occasions where deadly force could have been used against would-be home invaders.  Consequently, self-defense isn't an abstract intellectual exercise to me.  It's central to my daily reality as a citizen and advocate in crime-plagued cities.  This reality is heightened by violent career criminals who don't face severe sanctions thanks to a fluke of leftist (and libertarian) public safety policy.

Self-defense is also a barometer of whether government sees you as a free being when it investigates the aftermath of using force in self-defense, including deadly force.  The fruits of leftist under-policing and prosecution are streets; public spaces; and, sadly, vehicles and homes filled with habitually larcenous, violent subjects who'd otherwise be incarcerated.

Image: Collage of self-defense from Piqsels and vaccine passport by Andrea Widburg.

Under such circumstances, self-defense as the last civil right becomes the first response.  From shoving to shooting, it's a safety creation option many find themselves considering as unwelcome encounters loom.

Opposing mandates is a no-brainer for me as a stubborn person.  I don't like being dictated to and come from a history where dictatorship has been a reality far longer than the impact of late-20th-century civil rights legislation.

"Germ Crow," my nickname for mandates, is a slap in the face to people who thought they were free: free to attend events, free to eat out, free to get or decline medical care, and free to go to work.  Freedom to do these things is worth standing up for.

The fact that standing up to do these basic activities is even needed sums up how dire our situation has become.  It's a reminder that liberty-loving citizens can't rest on laurels of past freedom that are now perilously close to becoming distant memories.  I hope the growing push-back to mandates and upcoming congressional midterm elections may make mandate opposition an easier proposition.

And that's why supporting self-defense and opposing mandates are my two big advocacy issues for 2022.

Nadra Enzi AKA Cap Black. Writer/Commentator on Liberation and Liberty.
 #ActualSuperHeroForLiberty Advocate.  #HaltHunger Organizer.

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