If Democrats weren't so awful, we'd never have gotten Trump

Many in the media, politics, and entertainment are apoplectic over Donald Trump as president.  They fail to realize that his election and potential future election weren't and aren't about Donald Trump the person — his personality, personal history, or the appropriateness of his tweets.  President Trump is the tool the Americans used and may use again to apply their wrath upon their domestic enemies.

Inappropriate behavior, unfit to lead, mentally unstable, doesn't reflect our values — these are the laments of the Democrat party.  The most delicious irony is that eight years of their savior, former President Obama, was the exact recipe for a President Donald Trump.  Were it not for the poster child of their socialist beliefs, the country would never have elected Donald Trump.  The cause and effect are so clear that even they must — somewhere, deep down in places they can't allow themselves to admit — recognize that Americans were and continue to be so repelled by the force of federal government cram-down of the Democrat ideas that even a Donald Trump could be elected as president.

The propaganda arm of the Democrat party, the liberal-speak mainstream media, have shown their hand the most clearly.  No longer is the allegation of impartiality even attempted.  The mask has slipped, and the ugly face of the real enemy domestic is in full view of the Americans.  The mainstream media's contempt for the Americans is palpable. 

The Americans are the peasant class, to be manipulated by daily propaganda on behalf of the mainstream media's political party, the Democrats.  Mutual benefactors, or perhaps better described as altruistic parasites, is the relationship between the mainstream media and the Democrat party.  The mainstream media peddle their outlier viewpoints daily on a national level and in many instances locally in print and televised "news."    

Entertainers — whose main achievement in life is the ability to act as a person they are not — look slightly odd, considering themselves worthy to be adulated as deep thinkers of political or social engineering.  While interdependently stroking their fragile egos in their cloistered communities, they live their bubble-lives completely out of touch with the Americans.  The juxtaposition of the celebrities' lives with the Americans' is as stark as the differences between fantasy and reality.  Apparently unknown to them, their celebrity opinions of President Trump and his supporters are of no value to the Americans.  The celebrity deficit of self-awareness disallows them to understand their lack of standing to the Americans and verges on the demented.

Most repellent of any of the groups to the Americans is the establishment Republicans, the Republican NeverTrumps.  After having been directly and clearly provided an agenda election after Trump's election, they continued to block the will of the Americans.  Never said by any Democrat is the word uttered relentlessly by the Republicans — "can't."  We don't have the House or Senate, so we can't.  We don't have the presidency, so we can't.  We don't have 60 votes in the Senate, so we can't.  Ad infinitum.    

Apparently unknown to the clueless Republicans, Trump was put in place and continues to be wildly popular specifically because of their uselessness.  The Republican Party's utter failure to achieve the American agenda is the exact reason for the past and likely future President Trump.  After repetitive past and ongoing failure to put in place the Americans' agenda, the cluelessness of many of the Republicans is bizarre.

Combine an unbiased mainstream media, a rational Democrat party, and a faithful representative Republican Party, and there would never have been, nor will there be again, a President Trump.  One step short of torches and pitchforks, the Americans chose and may likely again choose President Trump as the blunt instrument of their wrath. 

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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