How to get from here to serfdom quick

The Democrats are trying to transform America into big government socialism.  If they succeed, it will be impossible to reverse one-party rule or reduce the massive authoritarian administrative state that will control almost every aspect of our lives.

As Charles Lipson put it, Democrats want to, "in their words, permanently expand the social-welfare state and fundamentally transform America. ... They are willing to smash venerable institutions and procedural safeguards to do it. The same logic applies to their effort to nationalize election laws … The administrative state is already too big, too intrusive, too far removed from control by citizens' elected representatives. Its continued growth and unchecked power threaten our oldest institutions, our freedoms, and our liberty under law."

Progressive liberals seek power by any means. "They want to 1) court-pack — a practice long denounced as anathema to the rule of law, 2) "redo" the First Amendment after it became an impediment to social justice efforts, 3) sack the Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, 4) eliminate the senate filibuster" (Jonathan Turley).

The promised well-paid jobs will be government and union jobs.  Everyone else must fend for himself.  The economy contracts, unemployment increases, and standards of living decline for most Americans.  The political class will benefit and live in gated communities.  They will buy their votes with ever-growing budget-busting entitlements and growth-destroying regulations that benefit only their constituencies. 

Joe Biden is digging the deficit and debt hole so deep that it will be impossible for the country to climb out of without cutting government benefits and higher taxes.  It also entrenches Democratic one-party rule and massively expands the authoritarian state.  The Democrat party will use excessive and unwarranted spending as a way to strengthen its control over our economy, our country, and our lives.

Welcome to the new United States of America, a progressive dystopia.  All are pushed by power-hungry politicians without the consequential knowledge to make decisions that are best left to markets and hard-working men and women.  The Democrats' "transformation" will put our country on the road to serfdom and one-party hegemony.  We will be rebranded the United States of Armenia!

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