Hiding private Biden

Even before his long slide into dementia, Joe Biden was a babbling, bumbling, hair-sniffing fool whom no one really respected.  The main thing you can say about his stint as Obama's V.P. is that he reduced Barry's chances of being impeached to zero.

In early 2019, when Sleepy Joe announced his third candidacy for president, no one took him seriously.  He was clearly losing his marbles and frailer than ever.  His translucent skin; monstrous smile; and sad, wispy hair plugs made him look like an actor in a TV ad for assisted living.

But then two things went viral: Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign and COVID-19.

As Sanders's popularity soared, the Democrat powers-that-be were scared to death that a wild-eyed socialist would win the nomination only to get hammered by Trump in '20.  And thanks to the brand-new Wuhan Flu, the American public was simply scared of dying.

Never ones to waste a crisis, much less two, Democrats and their media courtesans decided on a brilliant albeit diabolical scheme.  They would pull a presidential Trojan horse on us!

Step 1: Get rid of Bernie.  Order lightweights like Tom Steyer, Combs Klobuchar, and Mayor Pete to drop out right before Super Tuesday to send votes Biden's way.  Then tell fake Indians like Liz Warren to siphon votes from Bernie on Super Tuesday before conveniently suspending her campaign almost immediately afterward.

His candidacy severely damaged after Super Tuesday, Crazy Bernie dropped out soon after.  We don't know what honorarium Sanders may have received for quitting, only that the last time Bernie suspended a presidential campaign, he somehow found the funds for a nice vacation home on Lake Champlain.

Step 2: Push COVID-19 fear and oppressive, poorly thought out government regulations, like mask-wearing, shutdowns, and social distancing.  At the advent of the Wuhan Flu, Democrats and the media, not to mention wee Tony Fauci, worked tirelessly to make everyone in America afraid to be around others.

Facing a new and unknown virus, you were now deemed an idiot, or worse, a menace to society, if you mingled in public or were seen without a mask.  This strategy was wildly successful and sent millions of sheeple, including the addled husk of Jill Biden's husband, to their basements ahead of the 2019 election.

Step 3: Keep the addled husk of Jill Biden's husband muzzled and in his basement. Hard enough to understand under the best of circumstances, Biden's nearly incomprehensible with a mask on.  Considering the things Joe comes out with — calling Obama "clean," questioning a radio host's blackness, and telling minority parents to put on the record player for their kids — a masked Biden being incomprehensible was a huge plus for his Democrat handlers.

Other people wrote candidate Joe's thoughts and policies.  All Basement Biden had to do was read them from a teleprompter — a difficult enough task, as it turns out, when your cerebral cortex is slowly turning to tapioca.

While Trump was out campaigning and taking heat from the media, Democrats, Hollywood, and academia, his opponent was a mirage, a hologram of a younger, more vibrant Biden spewing all the approved left-wing talking points for the masses.  He was kinder, gentler, and more experienced than Trump, this ersatz vision of Biden you saw on your TV and computer.  Heck, he was bosom buddies with Obama, as seemingly everyone except Barry himself was happy to point out.

Meanwhile, the real Joe Biden hid in his basement for most of 2019, no doubt taking naps, eating ice cream, and getting used to his new Depends.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Although you must tip your hat to the plotters and schemers who installed a corrupt, mindless meat-puppet in the Oval Office, what, pray tell, was their plan for after Sleepy Joe got elected? How do you hide the leader of the free world?

You can't.

Now, every time President Biden opens his mouth, the public sees how devastatingly senile he is.  How distracted.  How defensive.  How out of touch.  And as the pope could tell you, how incontinent.

Mentally and physically, President Biden's going downhill and picking up speed as he goes.  And now the American public clearly sees it.

As does China.

And Russia.

And Iran.

They say weakness is provocative, and in Joe Biden, we now have the weakest president in history.  When the Schiff eventually hits the geopolitical fan, and it must, don't blame me, or Republicans, or folks who simply love their country.

Instead, blame instead the vile Democrat power brokers and their media lackeys for successfully hiding the private Biden.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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