Health officials and media outlets are colluding to scare the public into submission

The headlines scream throughout the media. 

New Omicron variant fills up children's hospitals

A five-fold increase in pediatric admissions in New York City this month.

Pediatric hospitalizations up 395% in NYC amid COVID-19 surge

Health Advisory: NYC Has 4-Fold Increase In Children Hospitalized For Covid-19 Coronavirus

The public was given these headlines to show that children were in great danger and hospitals were being overwhelmed in New York City.  Somehow, people who claim to be journalists seemed to have no curiosity regarding what the actual numbers were.  They either don't care or don't know how to do research when they are pushing an agenda.  Panicked residents of New York and other cities stood in line for hours to get COVID tests:

YouTube screen grab.

It took several articles to find the actual numbers, but here they are:

In two weeks, they went from 3.1 per day to 15.6 per day and statewide from under 6 per day to around 26 per day.  Are we to believe that a city with 7 million people and a state with 19 million are overwhelmed with these small numbers?  If they are overwhelmed with those small numbers their city and state have a very poor health system. 

Would people be scared into getting their children a barely tested vaccine with these low numbers?

New York City pediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations increase nearly 5-fold over 3 week period, data shows

Pediatric coronavirus hospital admissions in New York City have increased nearly five-fold since the week ending Dec. 11 through Dec. 23. 

Compared to the week of Dec. 5 to Dec. 11 when there were 22 pediatric admissions in New York City, there is a near five-fold increase through Dec. 23, when the state reported 109 pediatric admissions, according to New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett who announced the data Monday.

During the same period, there was a two-and-a-half-fold increase from 70 admissions to 184 statewide.

It would be helpful for the public to put numbers in perspective.  In a normal year, 3 million children are admitted to the hospital or an average of 8,219 per day.  Currently, around 300 are in hospitals throughout the country with COVID, not necessarily because of COVID.  Three hundred cannot possibly overwhelm many hospitals. 

New Omicron variant fills up children's hospitals

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data released Tuesday showed that on average, 305 children have been in the hospital with Covid-19 on any given day over the week that ended Dec. 26.

This is a more than 48% increase from the previous week, and just 10.7% lower than the peak average of 342 children in the hospital that was seen at the end of August and early September.

Pediatric Hospitalization

Each year more than 3 million children are hospitalized in the United States

Also, Dr. Fauci admits that many of the children in the hospital with COVID were not admitted because of COVID.  The numbers are clearly misleading to scare parents into submission.

In the six-month 2019–2020 flu season which overlapped the beginning of COVID, there were an estimated 39 million to 56 million cases of seasonal flu according to CDC.  This is between 214,285 and 307,692 per day and there were no lockdowns.  We also didn't have free testing or contract tracing.  People weren't quarantined.  We had panic or mask requirements.  We certainly did not have vaccine mandates, nor did we waste so much money testing people with no symptoms.

2019-2020 U.S. Flu Season: Preliminary In-Season Burden Estimates

Every year in the United States, there are an estimated one billion common colds, which essentially match the symptoms of omicron.  That is an average of 2.740 million cases per day every day of the year.  The common cold is obviously very contagious, but we have never had long lines for testing.  Who the heck with a cold would stand out in a long line in the miserable cold to see if they had some new named variant?  Why would people be required to get tests when they have no symptoms. 

This is all pathetic as the government seeks to reduce our freedoms and control more aspects of our lives. 

Look at how many businesses, including flights, that are being disrupted because so many people are getting a common cold. 

In the course of a year, individuals in the United States suffer 1 billion colds, according to some estimates. Adults average about two to four colds a year, although the range varies widely. Women, especially those aged 20 to 30 years, have more colds than men.

South Africa has a study that shows that people who have had the mild omicron variant have huge amounts of antibodies to fight off the more serious delta variant. 

Therefore, wouldn't it be wise to allow children and healthy people to get the omicron variant and recognize natural immunities to fight off the virus instead of requiring everyone to get a vaccine.

Omicron infection appears to protect against Covid delta variant and could displace it, South Africa study finds

The immune response of people infected with omicron appears to increase protection against delta more than fourfold, according to a study from South Africa.

It is not a surprise that a significant majority of the public distrusts the media. 

Everything we read or see should be questioned because a significant number of supposed news stories are just Democrat talking points pushing an agenda to transfer freedom, power, and money from the people to the powerful, greedy government. 

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