Global warming traps hundreds in the snow

The United Nations warns that "a hotter future is certain" and considers climate change the greatest threat modern humans have ever faced.  Before he was even elected, President Biden had a plan for curbing climate change that would also encompass environmental justice, whatever that is.  Globe-trotter, or should I say globe-sailor, Greta Thunberg continues to scold that world leaders have stolen her dreams and her childhood by not conforming to green standards that have not been met since the Neanderthals.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature didn't get the memo on global warming and dropped a storm on the Fredericksburg area.  More than a foot of snow fell.  Approximately 400,000 people lost power.  A fifty-mile stretch of the I-95 freeway became impassable with snow and ice, trapping hundreds of people in their cars overnight.

Motorists turned on their engines to warm up, then turned them off to conserve gas as they waited for the roads to clear.  There were as many as four inches of ice under some cars. Road crews are still working to clear the roads.  Warming shelters have been set up.  Thankfully, no deaths have been reported thus far.

Image: Snowed in on I-95.  YouTube screen grab.

The freezing weather also affected Washington, D.C.  Federal offices were closed on Monday due to the snow and ice and then opened three hours later than usual on Tuesday.  CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri warns that it could take weeks for the snow to melt, as the Washington area is forecast to stay well below 50 degrees until the end of the week.

I would wonder if all this snow and ice is making any of the climate alarmists rethink their stance if I didn't know they make a habit of using plenty of power to stay nice and warm while they zip around preaching to the little people to conserve energy.  Perhaps members of the church of climate change would be more open-minded if they had to sit on a freeway for hours in the dark, hoping their gas would hold out long enough to keep them from freezing to death.

Pandra Selivanov is the author of Future Slave, a story about a 21st-century black teenager who goes back in time and becomes a slave in the Old South.

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