Even as Biden tears down our border, he's protecting himself and his friends

When Donald Trump boasted about and then began building his wall along America's southern border to protect us from illegal aliens flooding in, bringing crime in their wake, and taking jobs from low-income Americans, Democrats insisted that walls were evil.  Walls were ugly.  Walls divided Americans.  Blah, blah, blah.  And when Biden got into the White House, the first thing he did was stop building Trump's wall and throw open the border to illegal aliens from around the world.  Given all that, it's ironic, to say the least, that Biden appears to be building a ten-foot-high wall around the White House.

Conservative Treehouse writes that "the Joe Biden White House is erecting a concrete (K-Rail) blast and security containment wall directly around the White House."  It's a big wall, too: "The perimeter fence appears to be approximately 10' high and is made from reinforced concrete k-rails.  It is also being installed directly around the White House building itself."

Here's a video giving you a sense of the vast construction project hiding the White House from people's view:

Sundance notes that it's not that unusual for a perimeter wall to be constructed around the White House when heads of state are coming for a visit.  This is because politicians require more protection than ordinary Americans do.

Indeed, I know that we all agree that if a politician, foreign or domestic, is the target of an assassination attempt (as happened to Rand Paul and the Republican House members, two incidents that Democrats ignore), that's a very bad thing.  If walls are what is needed to protect them, walls are a good thing.  (Nancy Pelosi agrees, having fenced in Congress for months to protect herself and the other politicians who work there.)

However, the Democrats have made it clear that if a six-year-old child is raped by an illegal alien sex offender or a 17-year-old boy is executed by MS-13 gang members who sneaked into the country...whatever.  They don't matter.  Walls to protect them are bad.  Very, very bad.  And racist.

But that's just the half of it when it comes to the White House wall.  What's really weird is that Sundance, who stays apprised of these things, says there is no available information saying a visiting dignitary or delegation is expected.  In any event, with omicron running rampant (if mild), the likelihood of a delegation making a trip isn't very high right now.

Image: The new White House wall.  YouTube screen grab.

Because my mind has a somewhat conspiratorial cast (I read way too many crime novels growing up, and the Trump-Russia hoax proved conspiracies can be real), I can't help but wonder if this wall isn't being built to further the "insurrection" narrative.  Americans will never be told what the threat is; we'll just be told there is a threat from evil right-wingers and that the kind, grandfatherly man who is trying to unite America must be protected.

And if a few years down the road, it turns out those evil right-wingers were actually helping out the FBI, what will it matter?  It will have been done, after all, for the greater good.

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