CBS Mornings co-host warns of more frequent undersea volcanoes like that near Tonga because of climate change

Island nations and territories like Tonga are the most celebrated victims used by the doomsday cult of global warming climate change to guilt trip the industrialized world (except China) into impoverishing itself with unreliable and expensive "green" energy sources.  They are supposedly facing imminent doom from rising sea levels.  The fact that such islands are generally inhabited by non-whites makes them all the more appealing as victims of the rich Caucasians who are the cause of all the world's problems in the demonology of this pseudo-religion.

That context has to be at the root of the flagrant idiocy purveyed yesterday on CBS television, which, in the distant past, was known as "The Tiffany Network" for its purported high quality and classiness.  Even today, CBS claims that its Emmy-winning program, CBS Mornings, "offers a thoughtful, substantive and insightful source of news and information to a daily audience of 3 million viewers."

Here's an example of "thoughtful, substantive and insightful" commentary from co-host Nate Burelson:

Given the ability of "climate scientists" with unlimited budgets for supercomputer time to find some correlation between various natural phenomena and atmospheric CO2 levels, perhaps someone will actually claim that undersea volcanoes are made more frequent by the trace gas that keeps plant life growing.

You can tell he's smart by the glasses:

Twitter video screen grab.

Hat tip: Ace.

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