Dr. Evil gets out his checkbook

George Soros is back, and he's gotten out his checkbook.

According to Politico:

Billionaire mega-donor George Soros is seeding a super PAC with $125 million, an enormous investment that will aid Democratic groups and candidates for the 2022 election cycle and beyond.

The group, Democracy PAC, has served as Soros' campaign spending vehicle since 2019, channeling more than $80 million to other Democratic groups and candidates during the 2020 election cycle. The new, nine-figure investment from Soros is aimed at supporting pro-democracy "causes and candidates, regardless of political party" who are invested in "strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy: voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law," Soros said in a statement shared first with POLITICO.

Those moneybags will go to elect the craziest, most compromised, most surreal-talking leftists, including legislators, secretaries of state, and presumably district attorneys, three types of officials he's been funding for the past few election cycles, as well as Black Lives Matter–type activists.  But in the Sorosian style, which means the opposite of what it says, the whole donation is couched in the language of saving "democracy" and promoting non-partisanship.  It may be a tax dodge, for one, but it's also how Joe Biden, who gets a lot of Soros cash at least indirectly talks.  Wonder why. 

Naturally, the cash starts with his mini-me:

Alexander Soros, George Soros' son, will serve as the [Democracy] PAC's president. In his own statement, Alexander Soros cited the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, and "ongoing efforts to discredit and undermine our electoral process, reveal the magnitude of the threat to our democracy," adding that this "is a generational threat that cannot be addressed in just one or two election cycles."

Pouring cash into races sometimes succeeds, but only if the public is unaware of what is going on, and even more important, it doesn't have a name attached.

That puts Soros in a bad position on both fronts.

Here's one impact from this Soros funding of so-called democracy and civil society:

The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) analyzed the outcome of dropping conviction rates under six different progressive district attorneys. These district attorneys are cited as "criminal justice reform" prosecutors who seek to use their elected positions to unilaterally end mass incarceration and racial disparities in convictions and reduce recidivism rates.

The report found that in each of the six prosecutors' jurisdictions, felony crime rates have increased while their prosecutors' policies are reducing conviction rates. The net results are a lack of justice for victims and rising crime rates. The report concludes, "This signals a troubling trend as these progressive activists attain local prosecutorial roles and may mark a rise in crime in the affected jurisdictions and nearby locales."

Here's another, from a 2007 piece I wrote for Investor's Business Daily, the second item, titled "George Soros: The Man, The Mind And The Money Behind MoveOn":

Soros usually doesn't offer up or endorse specific candidates for office. His chief aim seems to be tearing down [George W.] Bush, driving the Democrats to the far left and enforcing party discipline through fear. In fact, he seems to like keeping Democrats guessing whether or not he's offended.

The strategy seems to be working. No Democrat had the courage to cross MoveOn.org after its libelous Petraeus ad. On Thursday, a symbolic vote in Congress censuring MoveOn.org for the Petraeus ad passed, but with the notable absence of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Election looming, neither wants to cross Soros' MoveOn.org.

In other words, Democrat legislators vote as he likes, no matter how unpopular it makes them with voters, because Soros money is more important. Obama? Hillary? Biden? All in very deep based on their inexplicable voting patterns. I wrote about that in the third piece, "A Party Bought and Paid For" at this link here.

 I argued in the third piece in the series, "The Soros Threat to Democracy" that the problem with Soros and his moneybags approach was the absence of transparency:

Soros' "shaping public policies," as OSI calls it, is not illegal. But it's a problem for democracy because it drives issues with cash and then only lets the public know about it after it's old news.

That means the public makes decisions about issues without understanding the special agendas of groups behind them.

Without more transparency, it amounts to political manipulation. This leads to cynicism. As word of these short-term covert ops gets out, the public grows to distrust what it hears and tunes out.

But now the public does know. It knows it by the gamy fraud-filled elections conducted by Soros-backed secretaries of state, the surreal statements from legislators such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the bizarre pronuncimentos from the executive branch, Joe Biden and all his government agencies. It knows it above all by the sudden wave of crime in the streets, brought on by Soros-backed Black Lives Matter rioting and Soros-bankrolled district attorneys. Voters are furious about this and looking for a cause and finding one with the name George Soros on it.

How do I know this?  Take a look at what happened in the 2018 San Diego district attorney's race, where a lopsided funding dynamic was going on, with a Soros-backed district attorney candidate went up against a non-Soros-backed one, with much less money.  The race was dead even until Summer Stephan, the anti-Soros candidate, ran an ad featuring a huge picture of Soros, Dr. Evil himself, warning that crime, disintegration, and all the other nightmares associated with Soros funding would come to San Diego if her Soros-backed rival were to win the election.  Parts of the ad can be viewed in this news segment here.  There also was this about the stir it caused.

What happened after that ad?  The race decisively shifted in favor of Stephan, despite the fact that she was being outspent four to one.  Once Stephan began pointing out the Soros cash of her rival, her fortunes shifted.  Soros was the instant kiss of death, even in light blue San Diego.

I wrote about that here and here.

Stephan, as I noted in one piece, understood the dynamic of Soros in the race well.  According to the Valley Center Road Runner:

Soros's funding of [Geneviéve] Jones-Wright  is one of 17 District Attorney races he is pouring funds to using his California Justice & Public Safety PAC. "He is selecting criminal defense attorneys or ACLU affiliated lawyers with the goal of decriminalizing prostitution, drugs and prosecuting law enforcement whether they did anything wrong or not. The target for Soros is the police," says Stephan.

Stephan says that Soros-funded DA's elsewhere have led to failure. "This has been a failed social experiment in Houston. The violent crime since his candidate was elected has gone up nine percent. In Florida his candidate refused to prosecute to the full extent of the law a police officer murderer who also murdered a pregnant woman. To the point that the governor has stripped her of her authority to prosecute special circumstance murders."

Her opponent, she says, promises the same. "She has pledged to not even consider pursuing the death penalty in any serial murder case or any murder case, whether the case qualifies or not. She has also pledged in writing to not petition the court for any 17 year old — even if they have committed mass murder — to be treated as an adult. Which means they would be released at age 25 no matter what.  The money infusion is intended to buy this election and to have our community replace experience and qualifications with a dangerous experiment. That is the challenge for my campaign."

Soros has successfully funded 13 out of 17 races, says Stephan. According to iNewssource.org: "Since 2015, Soros-funded PACs have spent more than $10 million to support progressive district attorney candidates around the country. This year, the California Justice PAC has contributed to at least three other DA candidates in the state: Diana Becton in Contra Costa County, Pamela Price in Alameda County and Noah Phillips in Sacramento County."

This is a concern, says Stephan. "This is not a normal election of the people by the people but an election of a billionaire trying to buy the election."

She triumphed.  And as a result, San Diego is not plagued with the kind of crime that Los Angeles and other blue cities with Soros-backed district attorneys have descended to.

It's a potent example because it suggests that the public knows.  Soros cash = hellhole cities.  That makes the Soros money pile useless.  Soros may think, as Joe Biden does, that slathering more money on will fix the problem, but at this point, it is more likely to backfire as voter sentiment shifts and word gets out about the Soros D.A. records. 

Transparency is Soros's worst enemy.  It's the kryptonite to his slather-cash money plans.  No wonder he doesn't like it.

Image: World Economic Forum http://swiss-image.ch/Photo by Sebastian Derungs (extracted image) via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.  Image enhanced with Graphite by BeCasso.

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