Democrats showing early signs of questioning the legitimacy of the elections in 2022 and 2024

When Donald Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton in 2016 to win the Presidency it should have been a wake-up call for the Washington Democrat establishment.  They should have humbly accepted defeat, then reconnect with voters to understand their shortcomings, and finally embark on a journey to implement drastic remedial measures to win their next electoral contest.

But nothing of the kind occurred.

Self-righteous narcissists seldom see their own faults.

There was a women’s’ ‘protest’ march which had Madonna talk about blowing up the White House. Talk about impeachment and the 25th amendment commenced. #NotMyPresient trended on Twitter. Trump voters were called ignorant and bigoted. A host of former celebrities appeared in a PSA urging members of the Electoral College not to cast their vote for president-elect Trump, despite the fact that he had the votes. There were several other disgraceful tactics employed.

Donald Trump had not even been inaugurated.

But their most audacious attack on Democracy was conducted when Democrats amplified and propagated the ludicrous Trump-Russia Collusion conspiracy. They couldn’t explain how the election results were altered; no specifics were offered. They just knew it was unfair because their candidate was rejected.

For months the Democrats in politics and the news media boisterously and synchronically propagated this falsehood. Bottom of the barrel Democrats such as Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell claimed Trump was a Russian agent who reported to Putin. This looks like a disinformation campaign conceived, aided and promoted by the Washington Democrat establishment. The cacophony caused the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller. During the investigation, the media frequently claimed that Mueller’s team had discovered solid evidence of collusion that would end the Trump presidency.  The Mueller probe hung like a sword over the Trump Presidency for two years and cost the taxpayers $32 million.

In the end, Trump was exonerated. But the Democrats claimed that then-Attorney General Barr had concealed sections of the Mueller Report.

Sore loser Hillary Clinton was an active proponent of these lies; she blamed her defeat on Putin, former FBI director Comey, the DNC, Bernie Sanders, Obama, WikiLeakslow-information voters, and agents in Macedonia. 

This was the first big assault on democracy in modern times, so it is ironic that the assailants call themselves “Democrats.”

Then in 2018, the Democrats took back the House. The Democrats declared it a fair election and that the values of democracy had triumphed. It was called a rejection of President Trump. 

It could be argued that the 2018 mid-terms were rigged because the baseless Mueller probe was in progress causing voters to vote Democrat because they actually believed that the Republicans were working with Putin to undermine the US.

Yet the Republicans accepted defeat gracefully.

However, in Georgia, the Democrats’ gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, refused to concede following her loss to rival Brian Kemp by 1.4 points. She cited voter suppression as her reason and is unrepentant to this day. Her charade helped to elevate her profile such that she was among the top candidates for Biden's running mate in 2020.

Stacey Abrams still claims to have been elected Governor of Georgis

Caricature by Donkey Hotey CC BY 2.0 license

In 2016, the Democrats believed their rigged polls that showed Hillary winning in a landslide. Hence that allowed the elections to occur fairly. When Trump won, stunned Democrats tried intimidating Electoral College members not to cast their vote for Trump, but it was too late.

For four years, the media conducted a pervasive anti-Trump campaign. In 2019 and 20 Democrats blamed every Covid19 case and death on President Trump. They knew that despondent voters usually voted against the incumbent. Big Tech suppressed a major story that exposed corrupt dealings by Biden and his son in Ukraine.

Mark Zuckerberg donated $419 million to nonprofit organizations to tamper with the administration and infrastructure of the 2020 election. These organizations lobbied for universal mail-in voting which caused a record-breaking 64 million Americans to cast their ballots by mail. Unmonitored private drop boxes for ballots were allowed which are vulnerable to fraudulent practices such as ballot-stuffing. 

Select battleground states, cities, counties, and individuals across the US were surgically targeted to affect the results of the election, with Democrat activists infiltrating election offices and vote-counting stations. The process was hence rigged long before Election Day.

When Biden was declared the winner, once again like the 2018 mid-terms these elections were declared free and fair.

Following the myriad epic catastrophes by Biden and the Democrats, it appears that the Republicans are on track to take back the House and the Senate in November 2022.

How do the Democrats react?

They are seeking to pass a Voting Rights Bill that will allow voting without any voter ID proof and allow unrestricted mail-in voting, once again making elections vulnerable to fraud. The bill failed to pass in the Senate.

Last Wednesday during his presser, Biden cast doubts over the outcome of the mid-term elections, claiming that if the Voting rights bill isn’t passed that does ‘increase and the prospect of it (the results) being illegitimate”. A day later, the White House walked back those remarks.

Biden’s misgovernance is also likely to cause President Trump to win back the White House in 2024.

Just yesterday on his weekly show, Bill Maher talked with Yale University Professor Timothy Snyder about how ‘Trump is changing the people in power” to rig the process. He also said the vote-counting method will be altered when the Republicans win the Senate and the House during the mid-terms.

Maher then hypothesized that Trump will baselessly claim victory in Arizona and Wisconsin, adding that Kamala Harris should then throw out the ‘bogus’ votes and reject the election. Snyder called it a plot to install an illegitimate Trump. Maher compared Trump to Kim Jong-Un.

So, what have we learned?

The elections are only fair when Democrats win, those who challenge the results are conspiracy theorists. When Republicans win it is due to voter suppression, fraudulent tactics, abuse of power, collusion with Putin, and agents in Macedonia, those who believe their results are conspiracy theorists.

It is easy to laugh off Biden’s presser remarks as senile rambling and Bill Maher comments as overstatements of a comedian. But we have to remember that the Russian-Collusion theory seemed utterly laughable before a Special Counsel was appointed.

Biden’s and Maher’s ideas could easily be a teaser of what the Democrats and mainstream media have in store once the results are out.

It has to be remembered that in 2016, the Republicans had majorities in both the House and the Senate, yet they meekly accepted the bogus Russian interference premise and allowed the Democrats to mainstream the conspiracy without any challenge.

Few Republicans discuss the myriad ways in ways in which the 2020 elections were tampered with, such as Zuckerbucks allowing Democrats activists to target and manage the vote counting.

Would the Republicans be brave and confront Democrat conspiracy theories in November 2022 and November 2024?

We shall see!

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