Consent of the governed

Benjamin Franklin had this to say about the American Constitution:

This is likely to be well administered for a number of years and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other.

What did he mean when he said "need despotic government, being incapable of any other"?  Dependence on government and all its "free stuff" has superseded the ability of people to take care of themselves.  Without the benevolent largesse of government, the people cannot survive.

This could be said of any government anywhere.  Canada, our ally and friend to the north, knowingly or not, is engaged in a reckoning.  Have the people become so corrupted as to need despotic government being incapable of any other, or not?

One side, the Freedom Convoy, are saying they are capable of taking care of themselves.  They don't need government micromanagement.  More importantly, they are reminding themselves and their government, that government governs only with and by the consent of the people.

The other side, the Trudeauists, responded with, "F--- you, you will do as we tell you."  No, Trudeau didn't say that.  What he said was much worse:

The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views that they're expressing, do not represent the view of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science and stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to insure our freedom, our rights our values.

The leader of Canada is saying over a million citizens are a fringe minority.  Worse, the fringe minority's views are unacceptable to the government.  Worst of all, the unacceptable views and actions of the fringe minority are harming other citizens, and imperiling everyone's freedom, rights, and values.

The Freedom Convoy has staked its ground.  It can't back down because if it does, Canada will forever be a dictatorship of the elites.  The people will ever after be nothing more than subjects. 

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin explained the current Canadian situation best when he wrote:

Had Newton been Pilot but of a single common Ship, the finest of his Discoveries would scarce have excus'd, or atton'd for his abandoning the Helm one Hour in Time of Danger; how much less if she had carried the Fate of the Commonwealth.

Image: LT Hunter.

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