Coincidental or not, dropping criminal charges against Epstein's prison guards sends a message to Ghislaine Maxwell the day after her conviction

Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted of 5 of 6 criminal counts in her federal trial on charges arising from sex-trafficking underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein and unidentified other figures, believed to include rich and powerful men.  Shortly after the trial's end and Maxwell's return to the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, federal prosecutors on Thursday "asked a judge to dismiss claims against Tova Noel and Michael Thomas," the two Bureau of Prisons guards who falsified records and slept on the job when Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide, "after both complied with the six-month deferred prosecution agreements they agreed to in May."

So far as the public has been told, Ghislaine Maxwell has not offered any evidence against the other men who had illicit sex with the underage girls she procured for Epstein's stable of sex slaves.  If we are to believe that some of the rich, famous, and powerful people known to have associated with Epstein in his various residences, including "Orgy Island," could be implicated by Maxwell in a plea bargain agreement to reduce her sentence, then she has every reason to fear for her safety in federal custody.

The message being sent by the light punishment for the prison guards whose negligence enabled Epstein's death is pretty clear.  If Maxwell were to "commit suicide" or "have an accident," any guards implicated in negligence permitting such a death may face minimal consequences.

Oddly, none of the articles on the prison guards escaping serious punishment in the major media and press services that I examined specified the federal prosecutors agreeing to the wrist slap.  But since the federal trial took place in Manhattan, I have to assume they work for the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, Cyrus Vance, Jr., a hereditary Democrat elite federal functionary.

I wish Ms. Maxwell a long life in federal custody.  In my dreams, she would name names of those who participated in Epstein's alleged orgies.  I find the lack of interest by prosecutors and most media in identifying these presumed criminals to be quite telling.  

Photo credit: I. MaxwellCC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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