Chicago's teachers and US presidential leadership

We can safely say it's been a rough start for President Biden.  Just check the approval polls a year later: 42.5!  This number confirms that the only people supporting the president are his family and those on the party's payroll.

What could President Biden do today to stop the bleeding?  He could call on governors or mayors to fire the teachers who don't want to work.  The president has a good case to make, as we see in this report by Philip Wegmann:

A growing body of research, going back at least to the summer of 2020, shows that not only do children rarely become seriously ill from the virus, they are not nearly as likely as adults to pass it on. The previous administration tried, and failed, to pressure schools into reopening, with then-Education Secretary Betsy DeVos arguing that students were being “held captive to other people’s fears and agendas.”

The teacher unions played politics with the Trump administration.  They did not want to cooperate with him, and many "blue" mayors and governors were willing to go along.  It's time for the Biden administration to stop playing games and demand that the teachers get back to teaching in school.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago is saying the right thing:

Enough is enough. We are standing firm.

And we are going to fight to get our kids back in in-person learning.

Period. Full stop.

I don't know if Mayor Lightfoot can give the teachers an ultimatum to get back to work or else.  I don't know about Gov. "Has Anybody Seen" J.B. Pritzker's authority, either.  Maybe President Biden will wash his hands and say that there is no "federal solution" to this problem, too.

Millions of parents are waiting for someone to stand with them and their children, though.  They want their kids back in school so that they can learn and interact with other kids.

Can someone do something?  The parents are looking to the Oval Office and hoping to hear from President Biden.

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Image: TMT Photos via FlickrCC BY 2.0.

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