Chesa Boudin accused by San Francisco police chief of concealing evidence to frame a cop

It's one thing for a leftist district attorney of Chesa Boudin's stripe to fail to do his job prosecuting violent crime and focus only on prosecuting cops for malfeasance.  We know about that part.

It's quite another to frame those cops because you can't find any truly bad ones, in a bid to achieve the grand Sorosian narrative of bad cop, good criminal.

That's what the San Francisco police chief is accusing Boudin of pulling:

Here's the local NBC report:

Prosecutors at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office are being accused of withholding evidence in hopes of convicting a San Francisco police officer of excessive force.

The NBC Bay Area's Investigative Unit has learned a criminal investigator for the DA’s office, Magen Hayashi, testified Thursday that she was ordered by her own co-workers – attorneys inside the district attorney’s office – to withhold evidence, and said she believed she would have been fired if she refused.

District Attorney Chesa Boudin and his office did not respond to requests for comment.

The allegations stem from the ongoing criminal case against San Francisco Police Officer Terrance Stangel, who is accused of unnecessarily beating a man with his baton more than two years ago.

The character in question was a wife-beater, or girlfriend-beater, some kind of woman-beater, and apparently he claimed he was a case of mistaken ID, when in fact the D.A.'s office knew that witnesses had said he was the right guy.  Apparently, he fought the cops after he beat the woman, and then he filed suit with the city for police brutality.  The picture given was that the cops just went and beat a non-resisting black guy who wasn't even involved in the crime.  The witnesses saw something different, but that part was kept out of the charges, and the employee who wanted that part in was told to clam up and let Chesa prosecute the cop for brutality.  The city has since forked out $700,000 in cash to the woman-beater (nothing to the victim, of course).

Turns out it was all a show.  And now the police chief has stepped in.

Note that the accuser is the police chief, a notoriously cowardly and politicized office in San Francisco.  This was not from the police union, which is dedicated to defending cops and would be expected to put out such a statement.  Nope — the cop chief, who you can bet is a Democrat in that town, is the one pushing back at this kind of fraud on his troops.

That means it's got to be bad. 

Here's some local law community commentary:

Sadly, her memory does not go back far enough.  Another former San Francisco district attorney, Kamala Harris, has been credibly accused of withholding exculpatory evidence in a death penalty case as California's attorney general.  A certain class of leftist thinks this sort of dishonesty is all right.

It's not, and the public mood has shifted.  There are now calls to the State Bar of California to investigate and disbar Boudin based on this vile and unethical practice, which could send a police officer to prison.  Of course that kind of dishonesty would stir the ranks of the city's police officers and force their chief to make a statement.  It actually offends everyone, making the justice system itself a criminal operation.

As for Chesa, his situation-ethics and moral flexibility in the quest to achieve the leftist narrative, the Hugo Chávez and Bill Ayers dream, the end of policing and the triumph of crime, seem to be bottomless.  Apparently, there's nothing he won't stoop to, given his absence of a moral compass.  If San Francisco's voters don't throw him out in his mid-year recall over this, they'll pretty well deserve what they get from him.  This kind of dishonesty should make all innocent people shudder. 

Image: Screen shot from NBC Bay Area video, posted on YouTube.

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