Canceled Canadian pop star resists COVID tyranny

As an old guy with no fondness for rap, I discovered Matt Brevner's new music video from an unlikely source.  It is featured on The Remnant newspaper's website in its Remnant-TV link.  The Remnant is the oldest traditionalist Catholic newspaper in the United States (est. 1968).  The editor, Michael Matt, is often controversial, with no love for the works of woke Pope Francis and other Great Reset–supporters.  Here is what Michael had to say about Brevner's new music video ("More of Us"):

When the pope, bishops and priests remain silent in the face of evil, the very stones will cry out.

Here at Remnant TV, we believe anyone who is speaking out against the godless "New Normal" should be supported and indeed promoted.

Matt Brevner hails from the People's Republic of Canada, and yet he is unafraid to speak out against the Trudeau Tyranny. His thoughtful lyrics will surely inspire many people to think more clearly about what is happening to our children, our families, and our countries.

It's true, there are many more of us than them, and if we all were to stand up, speak out, and fight back with God's help, we would surely put an end to this nightmare. Matt Brevner is showing the world how it's done. 

We encourage our viewers, therefore, to share this link and pray for the success of this young man's heroic effort to speak truth to power.

Brevner was canceled by the music industry some time ago.  As a result, he started working with Rebel News and now has returned to center stage with the release of his new easy listening rap/pop song.  You can open it at either of the following links.  (Note: Its controversial nature likely means its availability on YouTube will be short-lived.)

MORE OF US: Canadian Pop Star Resists COVID Tyranny (Too Hot For Big Tech) (Too Hot For Big Tech) - Remnant TV (

Original Video: BREVNER - "More of Us" - YouTube

Image: BREVNER via YouTube.

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