By crudely insulting a Fox reporter, Biden again showed his coarse nastiness

Biden is now and always has been an exceptionally nasty man who's developed a decades-old reputation for saying really mean things to people.  He usually does it with a little grin, the kind that says, "If you challenge me on this, I'll just say you can't take a joke."  However, when Biden sat before a microphone and called Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy a "stupid son of a b----" last night, that was no joke.  That was just Biden.  And his insult was accompanied by the useful admission that Biden knows exactly how badly his economy will hurt Democrats.

Biden convened an event on Monday to announce the steps he's taken regarding the supply chain and inflation problems that are dogging his presidency.  ("Dogging" as in "his policies created these serious problems.")  Biden spoke for a short time, boasting about his newest executive order with 72 "specific actions" for the various federal agencies to "help restore competition in our economy."  Naturally, Biden created a committee, which means lots of talk, all of which will be aimed at ignoring the obvious, which is that Democrat policies are strangling the economy.

As for saving the economy, Biden has all sorts of exciting ideas.  Harking back to antitrust work I did in the late 1980s, Biden is saying manufacturers cannot put restrictions on third parties repairing their products.  Finally, you can go somewhere other than Apple's "genius bar" to repair that iPhone.  Biden also says he got the FDA to authorize hearing aids to be sold over the counter, without a prescription.  (And high time, too. The expense was obscene.)

Image: Joe Biden, mean man (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

And that's pretty much what Biden had to say.  It was garbled, confused, and boring, and it will do nothing to heal the deep wounds he's inflicted on the American economy.

When Biden finished speaking, his minions tried to herd the press out immediately.  When a reporter threw out a question about Ukraine, Biden promptly shut him up because "you [the assembled reporters] never report on why I've called a meeting."

Peter Doocy, therefore, shouted out a question that went to the heart of the meeting, which was economic problems: "Will you take questions on inflation, then?  Do you think inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms?"

Biden, who must have known that his mic was on because he'd spoken seconds before, immediately stated in a sarcastic tone that inflation is a huge problem for him: "No, it's a great asset.  More inflation."  That was the honest statement of a man who knows he's got an immovable wall at his back and, coming towards him, teeth bared, the monstrous dog of a broken economy.

And then Biden, the faux jovial politician, let his inner Biden out, adding with his mouth right in front of the mic, "What a stupid son of a b----."

The assumption is Biden was referring to Doocy.  After all, he quite openly doesn't like Fox News.  On Thursday, he castigated Jacqui Heinrich for having asked "a stupid question."  It's also entirely possible that, with a flash of insight, Biden was chiding himself for having destroyed the American economy.

Some are saying this is another sign of Biden's steadily increasing mental decline, but I don't know.  This is the guy who, in 1987, when he was merely dumb, not demented, lied about his academic credentials and then told the voter who dared challenge him, "I think I have a much higher I.Q. than you do."  In the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden called one man fat and challenged another man to a fight.  He also bizarrely accused a young woman of being a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier."

One of the things about advanced age is that it shaves away many of the social skills people develop over the years, leaving behind the essential person.  A garrulous person talks more, a slightly paranoid person becomes ragingly paranoid, a sweet person remains sweet, and someone who's always had a strong undertone of viciousness loses any softening veneer and becomes, quite simply, a mean old man.

One more thing: I've noticed that there's an honest person transcribing and posting Biden's statements on the White House website.  Every gaffe is there.  And that's why, at least for now, if you go to the White House website and look at the transcript of Biden's statements today, this is what you'll see at the very end:

UPDATE: Peter Doocy responds in a segment on The Five:

FURTHER UPDATE: a collection of Biden insulting reporters asking questions he doesn't like:

AND STILL FURTHER UPDATE: If anyone still questions whether Biden is a nice guy, this should settle that question. (Warning: coarse language because this is Joe Biden we're talking about.)

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