Biden's poll numbers are bad, especially with a demographic he really needs

Quinnipiac released a poll today, and the numbers for Biden are disastrous.  In his first year — his honeymoon year when the leftist media will do anything to promote him — his numbers keep going down, down, down.  On every subject, Americans think he's doing a lousy job.  What should be even more frightening for Biden is the fact that Hispanics, who are as necessary a demographic for Democrats as Blacks are, think Biden is doing a terrible job.

The American people are not happy with Joe Biden.  According to Quinnipiac's data, only 33% of Americans approve of what he's doing with 53% disapproving.  Just two months ago, his job approval was at 36%.  For the most part, Democrats are still willing to support him, with 75% approving.  However, they're peeling away from Joe quickly because, two months ago, 87% approved of him.  At that rate, within two more months, he'll be in the low 60% among Democrats.

Moreover, Americans are disappointed with Joe on every metric (34% approval on the economy, 35% on foreign policy, and 39% on his response to COVID).  These are all areas that saw him making big promises during his limited campaign appearances, only to disappoint on a massive scale.

What's also fascinating is contrasting the poll results with Joe's inaugural speech, during which he insisted that, after the divisive Trump years (divisions that came from leftists who refused to accept his presidency), Biden himself would be the "unity" president.  He'd bring Americans together.  But even before Biden's angry, demagogic rant on Tuesday, Americans understood that Biden was anything but unifying.  Forty-nine percent say he is dividing the country, while only 42% see him as a uniter.  Another promise broken — and Americans have noticed.

Image: Joe Biden goes full demagogue in Atlanta (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab (cropped).

For those inclined to say the Quinnipiac poll is an outlier because other polls give Biden slightly higher marks, that's true but irrelevant.  As Scott Adams used to say when I was listening to his podcasts a few years ago, what's really important is the trend.  If there's a consistent trend in one direction or another, that's the message you should take away, regardless of slight variations in numbers.  And about that trend?

Quite possibly the scariest thing in the poll for Democrats is the fact the Hispanics have given up on Joe Biden:

Hispanic voters were least supportive of Biden's job performance, with 28% saying they approve of how he is handling his duties, compared to 32% of white voters and 57% of black voters. Just 25% of independent voters said they approve of Biden's performance, while 57% said they disapprove.

If the Democrats cannot get a majority of Hispanic voters, they cannot win.  Unfortunately for Democrats, their economic policies have been devastating for Hispanics.  Additionally, many Hispanics are traditional enough to dislike having abortion and the LGBTQ+++ agenda forced upon them.

And here's something to chew on: about 15 or so years ago, someone very familiar with politics (and I can't for the life of me remember his name) said there's no question that all Democrat presidential candidates get a 10- to15-point boost from the media.  In other words, if Biden were not a Democrat and were being judged on his current record, his numbers would have his popularity at around 18–23%.

The big question, then, is how long the Pravda Press can prop up this appalling president before the entire Potemkin Village it's created collapses, revealing in its entirety the squalid wreck that is the Biden presidency.  Certainly, the stream of Democrats announcing that they will not seek reelection suggests that Democrats are anticipating that the wall will fall soon and hard.

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