Biden out for ice cream as Ukraine crisis, border crisis, inflation, and crime spin out of control

Joe Biden has a funny way of dealing with crises.  Instead of working the phones or discussing strategies with diplomats or military officials, he takes a jaunt outside for ice cream.

He did something of that nature when he (and his secretary of state, Anthony Blinken) went on vacation when Afghanistan was collapsing — Biden to Camp David, Blinken to the Hamptons — while Biden's sidekick, Kamala Harris, toured Singapore and Vietnam.  Biden failed to take phone calls from top allies who'd never been informed about the disastrous pullout plan, such as U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson, because, well, he had better things to do.

Now that Ukraine has emerged as a full-blown crisis, with divided allies, Russian troops massing on Ukraine's border, American troops being called to deploy to NATO frontline states, questions emerging about how compromised Biden is with corrupt Russian and Ukraine interests, and U.S. and British weapons being airlifted into Kiev, Biden's...out shopping the chi-chi boutiques of Washington, D.C. and getting himself an ice cream cone, this time a two-flavor double-decker one, in case you'd like to know.

According to the Daily Wire, a Reuters reporter tweeted:

Ukraine is the most dramatic but far from the only crisis he needs to be dealing with.  In New York City, five police officers have been shot and at least some killed just since the first of the year in a frightful response from the criminal-American community to Democrat district attorneys' refusal to prosecute crime.  The garbage-strewn train tracks in California are a grotesque confluence of unpunished thievery and an attack on the already stressed supply chain, which also features docked ships stranded in the water off the West Coast.  In Canada, a huge mass movement of truckers opposed to vaccine mandates is building into a full-blown crisis, which will create both a supply chain stress there and here, and a political crisis over there — an ally right on our border.  Meanwhile, the U.S. border situation is out of control, with federal officials now seeking to conceal (with tarps) the march of unvetted, unvaccinated military-aged illegally present single men being marched through the NGOs with folders in hand, onward to bus stops, taxis, and airport terminals for "free flights" to their destinations of choice.  So much for "Remain in Mexico," which a judge recently ordered Biden to abide by based on all the phony asylum cases.  The lawlessness isn't just something the illegals are involved in; the Biden administration is also engaged in lawlessness of its own.  Let's not even get into inflation, which has brought soaring prices for consumers in addition to sparsely stocked store shelves.  Biden is doing nothing about that other than directly insult reporters with profanities at public press events.

By contrast, President Trump was on the job and on top of events 24 hours a day.

Biden?  When crises come, it's time to go shopping and buy ice cream cones.  Normal people don't do that when there's a crisis, only culpably lazy ones or those without the mental stamina and discipline to actually handle crises.  That's Biden as he's presented himself to us now, and he's not even trying to hide it.  He (or whoever does his Twitter feed) actually tweeted this:

That startling picture of incompetence and inattention drew comments like this:

It also set his press secretary, Jen Psaki, scrambling to explain that Biden's a very, very, very busy man.  According to the Daily Wire:

Democrat President Joe Biden was caught shopping and going out for ice cream on Tuesday after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared to struggle to answer what exactly Biden was up to today.

"The president has nothing on his schedule today aside from the PDB," a reporter said. "Can you shed any light on how he's spending his day?"

"Well, let's see, um, this morning I think he had some policy meetings, uh, also a PDB meeting," Psaki said. "Uh, he, um, later this afternoon, uh, I think is doing some remarks review. There's some days that we spend some time doing internal meetings and discussions, uh, with policy experts, with policy leaders, um, and that's that's what's happening today."

The early "lid" included that ice cream time and photo ops in the shops.  What he was doing after that was anyone's guess; the ice cream jaunt was on official time. 

It's pretty obvious he doesn't care about the presidency, Americans, America, or anything actually connected to showing leadership or some kind of idea of "greatness."  He certainly won't spare the hours for it.  Must be someone else running the show, or, quite likely, nobody running it.  Everything just left to fall apart.

He's got ice cream on his mind now.  He's not in this presidency to actually be president.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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