As Iran was about lose its UN General Assembly vote for nonpayment of dues, the US arranged funds to cover the debt and keep Iran voting

The Trump administration's sanctions on Iran were working so well that the mullahs were unable to put together the money to pay Iran's United Nations dues.  Not after paying many higher-priority bills, such as supplying weapons to the Houthis fighting our allies in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and supporting Hezb'allah's attacks in Israel.  Or engaging in joint naval maneuvers with Russia and China.

What happened next is shocking, as reported in this New York Sun editorial:

[T]hrough legitimate channels, the Ayatollahs couldn't scrape together enough money to pay their UN dues. So two weeks ago, Secretary General António Guterres issued a letter. It listed those countries that were so far behind in their dues that, under Article 19 of the United Nations Charter, they couldn't vote in the General Assembly. Iran was the second worst deadbeat, after Venezuela.

From that point it took fewer than two weeks for the Biden administration to arrange for $18 million of blocked Iranian funds to be released to the Iranians so they could pay their dues. The niceties were carried out by the South Koreans working with our own Treasury Department. It seems that Secretary Janet Yellen doesn't have enough to do ginning up inflation. Why not grease the skids for a war in the Middle East?

Iran's voice will still be heard in the U.N. General Assembly.

Imagine if President Trump had bailed out the U.N. arrears of a U.S. foe.  The articles of impeachment would have been drafted within hours.

Thanks to the Sun for presenting this information and shame on the rest of the media for ignoring it.

Photo credit: Mr. BullittCC BY-SA 3.0 license.

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