A seven-year plan to reclaim America

We have a seven-year opportunity that we may never have again.  The seven-year time frame is not due to any specific planning, wishes, or dreams.  It is dictated by the constitutional calendar and defined by law.  It will play out with all the required milestones no matter what we do.  Our challenge is to use those milestones to create positive movement instead of a continued slide down the road to a socialist dystopia.

This socialist nightmare for our country will be our reality if the radical transformation continues as the left solidifies its control.  Leftists currently have power and momentum, but the end is not certain.  The course for our nation can be changed.  It will not be easy, but it is possible.  If this seven-year plan is successful, our future will be brighter and the forces that want to destroy our republic will have been thwarted, at least for a while.  Recent events have shown that a dystopian future can be slowed or stopped.

Each of the steps within that seven-year period must be completed successfully.  None of the steps can be skipped.  A failed step is a failed plan.  There are only three steps.

First, we must stop the momentum.  Doing this is the responsibility of each American at the local level, all of it leading up to Election Day 2022.  Part of that year is already gone, but there has been movement in the right direction.  People are going to local boards and councils and are peacefully initiating change.  State legislatures are working to restore some sanity and honesty to our elections so that we can be more certain that legal voters cast legal votes that are legally counted.  The Democrats are fumbling their national legislative agenda.

This is a national movement with local actions.  The hard work will be done in hometowns and states with the issues unique to the location.  It will need to be a relentless effort.  Even in deep blue areas, a coordinated effort in the right direction slows the massive movement toward socialism.  The local efforts are hard to stop.  A national movement can be stopped with a focused national effort.  Local efforts, however, will be thousands of pressure points applied by millions of people.  Coordinated efforts of government and social media will be virtually useless.  It is like trying to plug a sieve.

The national pressure applied locally will lead to success at the polls and the election of a new congressional Republican majority.  This begins the second phase.

With a Republican Congress, we know the left's momentum can be stopped and the ship can be turned.  However, the new Congress will be the weakest part of the process.  The people will need to focus their pressure on Congress to do the work they were sent to do.

Image: We The People.  Pixabay license.

That work is simple.  The Democrats have shown how it is done.  Democrats should be investigated and probed.  Their tax records and private communications should be subpoenaed.  The January 6 commission should turn its focus on congressional leadership and the Capitol Police.  Committees should investigate the violence of the summer of 2020.  There should be a thorough investigation of the FBI and the Department of Justice.  The exposure needs to be expansive and brutal.

Congresspeople cannot be allowed to sit on their hands.  The momentum and pressure from the public that got them elected must also be applied to the next Congress with renewed intensity.  Every congressperson needs to know that the anger that got him elected will be turned on him if he does not go to work.  There is no time to waste.  There are just two years to get it done.  That brings us to the end of year three.

The third, and final, stage is the election of a president who will take out the trash.  If the public keeps the pressure on Congress and the new Congress exposes the malfeasance, the new president will have the justification and public support to clean up the corruption inside government.

The politicized DOJ and Intelligence Community must pay a price.  Government administrative bureaucracy working as an unconstitutional fourth branch of government must end.  This clean-up will likely take the entire four years of the administration, maybe more.  It will succeed if the people who got the ball rolling keep the pressure on.  In every phase, the people are key.

It will not be easy.  There will be a lot of pushback.  We need to be ready to stand firm in our resolve.  A cornered, wounded animal is dangerous.  The first year will be difficult, and keeping Congress focused for two more years will be even harder.  If we succeed with those, the final four will be easier.

The seven years would be one year of ground-level pressure to change direction, two years of congressional action to stop leftist movement exposing leftist corruption, and four years of clean-up by an administration supported by Congress and the public.  We then put things in the right direction.  This can work.  It may be the only hope we have.

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