A purported ‘Patriot Front’ video has all the hallmarks of a false flag

One of the unpleasant realities that became patently clear during 2021 is that leftist operatives, whether inside or outside of the government, have a new tactic to discredit conservativism: They pretend to be conservatives, either to entrap conservatives or to falsely expose them as bad people. The latest example of this kind of fakery is a video that was recently “leaked,” and that purports to show members of the “Patriot Front,” an allegedly conservative organization, revealing their true Nazi colors. There’s nothing conservative about the video but there is a distinct whiff of FBI hanging about it.

2021 offered some superb examples of leftists playing at being conservatives. Sometimes it’s for entrapment purposes, as happened with the so-called “plot” to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. In that case, more than half the people involved in the plot and, indeed, actively planning the plot, were, in fact, affiliated with the FBI.

There’s also good reason to believe that government operatives were involved on January 6. The Revolver has put together some interesting information about Ray Epps, who actively encouraged and seemed to be in command of people breaching the Capitol but in whom the FBI has no interest. The same article notes that militarized men were all over the Capitol grounds and inside the Capitol, making sure to remove fences and signs that would have warned people off the property, smashing windows, and ordering people into the building—and again, the FBI and DOJ just aren’t interested.

At other times, these fake conservatives are intended merely to make real conservatives look bad, as was the case with the fake conservatives at a Glenn Youngkin rally. The Lincoln Project, itself a fake front for leftism, had a group of “men” (one was really a woman), show up at his rally wearing white shirts, khaki pants, and holding Tiki Torches, in an obvious reference to the White Supremacists at Charlottesville in 2017. The obvious purpose was to associate Youngkin with the KKK. Somehow, people weren’t persuaded. If Virginians could elect Ralph Northam, who dressed either in Blackface or as a Klansman at college, a bunch of dweebs in costume weren’t going to change their minds.

Then there were the patently obvious FBI agents who showed up at the “Justice for J6” rally held in September:

The latest example of something that has the stench of a set-up about it is a mysterious organization called the “Patriot Front” (a name that has obvious connotations of the truly vile neo-Nazi “Stormfront” internet site). Twitchy sums them up nicely:

Earlier this month the mysterious right-wing group Patriot Front made an appearance at a March for Life event in Chicago. In December, a group of 150 to perhaps 200 members of the group were photographed getting out of U-Hauls in matching clothing before marching on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

As with the examples above, the group seems like nothing more than an FBI front group that’s intended to smear genuine constitutional conservativism. That’s why conservatives instantly called out as a false flag a video that was purportedly part of a Patriot Front “data leak.” So, here’s the video:

In additional tweets, Mikael Thalen insists that the video is real because it’s part of an entire leaked server. I hate to break this to him, but that doesn’t prove anything at all. If you’re going to set up a false front operation, you wouldn’t stop with a single video.

As it was, people watching the video couldn’t help but notice that it had all the reality of those “protesters” at the “Justice for J6” rally, an event crawling with FBI agents. For that reason, they were very cynical:

There are nasty, racist groups out there, but this post isn’t about BLM. But seriously, unlike BLM, which lives at the center of the Democrat party, there are fringe neo-Nazi groups that still exist in America. However, the Republican party and constitutional conservatives completely disavow these losers. But the guys in the above video don’t have that pathetic, lower aura that hangs around the Stormfront guys. Instead, these are well-rehearsed, spit and polish people...kind of like the FBI.

Anyway, your call. I just thought it was interesting.

Image: Twitter screen grab.

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