A CBS News poll has just devastating results for Biden and his team

With Biden hiding in his basement in 2020, the press got him elected because it created a mythical candidate unrelated to Joe Biden.  The mythic Biden was wise, kind, even grandfatherly.  He loved all people and dreamed of a time when America was a safe, normal place.  Then the real Joe Biden took the oath of office and, despite the media's relentless shilling for him, plummeted in approval.

CBS News, a Biden-friendly "news" outlet, joined with YouGov to poll Americans regarding the Biden presidency.  The news was grim (for Biden and his administration), and there was no way to spin it to make it better.

In America in 2022, the first metric was about feelings: "Biden presidency has made you feel..."  The big numbers were for frustrated (50%), disappointed (49%), and nervous (40%), with only 25% each for "calm" and "satisfied."  (People apparently had more than one choice.)

When the poll got to the nitty-gritty, it was clear that the Biden administration is leaving Americans feeling abandoned.  On the economy, 58% of people polled felt that the administration was not focusing on it enough, with only 35% thinking the administration had hit the sweet spot. It was even worse for inflation, with 65% believing that Biden and his team are ignoring it and only 28% thinking he got it right.

Those numbers looked good compared to asking about success, as opposed to "focus."  On the economy, 62% disapproved of Biden's handling.  Again, it was worse on inflation, with 70% disapproving of Biden's handling.

You remember Biden's bitterness about the failure of his Build Back Communist...er, Build Back Better bill.  But if he wanted to make Americans happy, he should have killed the bill.  A robust 76% of people polled said that passing Build Back Communist would not raise Biden in their estimation.  The best he can do for them, 63% said, is to get a handle on inflation.

And then there's COVID, which was to be Biden's signature accomplishment.  Having castigated Trump throughout 2020 over his handling of COVID, Biden kept on the same team (Fauci); kept on the same vaccines; and kept up the Democrats' policy of downplaying affordable, effective treatments.  This ended with more people dying on Biden's watch than on Trump's.  No wonder 64% of respondents feel that the U.S. under Biden is dealing badly with COVID.  Between March 2021 and now, Biden's approval on COVID sank from 67% to 49%.

(As I go through these numbers, keep in mind that if the press were as hostile to Biden as it had been to Trump and if the Deep State and the opposing party launched utterly baseless charges of foreign conspiracies against him, his numbers would be in the single digits, if that high.  All these pathetic numbers come about despite non-stop support from the press and the Deep State.)

Image: Joe Biden (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

When it comes to why Biden is failing the COVID tests, Americans were clear: the top complaints are that the administration's information is a confusing mess (69%) and that vaccine mandates are a bad idea (61%).  People also feel the U.S. was blindsided by omicron and, again, that Biden failed to fulfill his promise to bring cases down.

The people polled also understand that Biden is responsible for damaging the economy.  Thus, 52% believe that his policies made it worse, with only 25% thinking he improved it (and 23% saying "whatever").  And of that 52% who think he's harmed the economy, 53% blame him for the problems.  Eighty percent of people who think the economy is bad blame inflation for that perception, and it's hard to believe they're not pointing the finger at the man who killed our energy independence and broke the supply chain (with 65% blaming the supply chain for the economy).

On COVID, a full 40% think Biden made it worse, which is striking, considering that it was his signature issue.  Only 35% believe he's improved the situation.  (That's going to be all the Democrats who adore vaccine mandates, masks, and punitive lockdowns.)

According to the CBS News/YouGov poll, Biden's popularity is at 44%, which is higher than the 33% Quinnipiac gave him.  What's important, though, isn't the number; it's the trend — and the trend is that Biden is slipping forever downward.  The only person who had a lower job approval at the end of his first year was Trump (37%), but again, Biden's been the recipient of a slobbering, worshipful media since Day One, while Trump was attacked unfairly and incessantly since he came down that elevator escalator

Reality eventually wins, every time.  No matter how much you insist on fantasies, the truth invariably oozes out.  And when people look at the economy, COVID, foreign policy, our southern border, and Biden's meanness and incoherence, his numbers make him a man headed for the bottom, with nothing to stop him.

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