World Health Organization publishes the horrific death toll from the Omicron variant of COVID

Yes, the death toll is horrific – if you are a power-hungry totalitarian wannabe looking for an excuse to impose controls on your citizens. Brendan Cole reports for Newsweek:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that as of Friday, there have been no fatalities linked to Omicron but warned it could take several weeks to determine how infectious the new COVID-19 variant is.

The WHO's assurance comes as the new variant first detected in South Africa last week has now been recorded in 38 countries. In the United States, at least 29 cases of Omicron across 11 states have been reported.

Yes, Omicron is new, and it is possible that in a few weeks’ time, we will see some deaths attributed to it.  Probably in people with other serious conditions. But South Africa, which has reported cases first, sees it as mild.

My hope is that the chicken little response of so many Western governments, using it as an excuse to repress their citizenry, will open a few more eyes to the scam being perpetrated in the name of public health.  An even greater hope – one that depends on the track record of harm from Omicron that will unfold in the next couple of months – is that not only will the symptoms be mild, but that Omicron will confer immunity on those who recover. Possibly superior immunity to that provided by the experimental mRNA gene therapies being pushed by many of the same people peddling fear and offering repression.

We’ll watch and wait, and hope for the best.

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