Why I’m celebrating news that a man is breaking women’s swimming records

Will Thomas is a strapping 22-year-old man who swam competitively at the University of Pennsylvania for three years. This year, though, Will announced that he’s a woman named “Lia” and, thanks to Biden’s executive orders regarding so-called “gender identity,” got a place on UPenn’s women’s swim team where, to no one’s surprise, he swam faster than the women. Frankly, I think it’s wonderful. That’s not because I’ve gone woke; it’s because this is so blatantly unfair to women, and Will is so obviously a man, that Americans are finally saying that the emperor is wearing the wrong dress.

I will never, absolutely never, use female pronouns for a man who claims to be “transgender.” He is either mentally ill, which is sad, but does not make him a woman, or he’s a sleazy, skeezy opportunist. It’s amazing how many of these so-called “transgender” men who suddenly get to compete in women’s sports and use women’s locker rooms and restrooms (and women’s prisons), have kept their original biological equipment and are “lesbians,” rather than real women who like men.

Let me say this as clearly as possible: There is no such thing as “transgenderism.” There are two sexes, plus a minuscule percentage of people who, through a genetic malfunction, are truly intersex. If you check out the pediatric literature, none of it addresses whether “transgenderism” is real. It simply assumes it is real and goes on from there with money-making schemes to use hormones and surgery to mutilate healthy young bodies.

There might be two biological reasons for a rise in confused people: (1) Women who get pregnant soon after going off the Pill, with those artificial hormones affecting the fetus in utero. (2) The presence of some estrogen in our drinking water. It’s not a lot, but it may make a difference. (Because the Pill is sacrosanct, we’ll never know the truth.) If this is true, give biological boys testosterone and biological girls estrogen, rather than vice versa.

People who are not completely brainwashed know with certainty that transgenderism is a con. However, because leftists insisted that accepting this lunacy is about human decency and LGBTQ liberation, people are afraid to say anything.

Image: Will Thomas, breaker of women’s sports records. Public domain.

However, people eventually tire of breathing in the smell of unicorn farts and being told it’s roses. That moment comes when the facts hit them so hard in the face that they will not pretend that being nice is a reason to say that a full-grown man, replete with testosterone, is a woman who should compete in women’s sports, squeezing out real women, or should share a cell with some poor, trapped woman in a women’s prison. This is an Emperors new clothes moment, which is seeing people finally speaking the truth.

For many, Will Thomas’s swimming success is one of those in your face unicorn fart moments:

Video posted online showed the moment a transgender swimmer and senior at the University of Pennsylvania, who had spent three years competing as a man, smashed two US records while competing in a weekend contest - sparking new claims of unfairness.

Lia Thomas, 22, raced away from the other competitors at the Zippy Invitational Event in Akron, Ohio, on Sunday, finishing the 1,650-yard freestyle 38 seconds ahead of [his] teammate, Anna Sofia Kalandaze. 

Thomas's winning time was 15:59:71, less than a minute off the world-record pace of 15:03.31 set by US Olympic champion Katie Ledecky in 2017. 

Big whoop. Guys swim faster than gals. High school boys swim faster than the top gals. People are getting fed up with these losers stroking their egos by entering women’s sports and getting their sick jollies by entering women’s restrooms (including all the restrooms and locker rooms in Chicago’s public schools).

In a free society, people who are confused but harmless get to be left alone: They’re not teased, tortured, imprisoned, or killed. But in a sane society, the rest of us don’t buy into their madness.

I’ve been hearing from apolitical people, including students, who, up ‘til now, either want to be nice or are afraid of being called “transphobic.” For them, the strapping Will Thomas’s completely dishonest, cheating victory is a bridge too far. They’re starting to speak out, not just to me, a conservative, but to their friends, family, and colleagues about the transgender fraud and the wrongheadedness of letting men invade women’s spaces—and these people are agreeing with them.

I join with Kara Dansky in her open attack on the lunacy of so-called transgenderism and I agree with her entirely: Do not use the terms “transgender” and “gender identity” because they are meaningless terms that exist only to push a women-destroying and society-destroy agenda. (If my tweet with the link to the video vanishes, you can see the video here.)

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